Memory loss when ecountering possible alien ship

About 20 years ago i Think i encountered some Alien ships. Not likely that they noticed me. Probably just passing by.. But real close however. I saw it clearly. Two small and one somewhat bigger ship. It did not look like anything i seen or Heard about Before. But that is not the issue here. When i saw it i was not exited but just calm as usual. Just like the next door neighbour would pass by with his buss or something. I remember it like it was yesterday. Clear as ice or whatever expression you would like to use. But after that my memory just dropped this experience and reappeared just a couple of weeks ago. After over 20 years ago. Im not on drugs medications or participating in any strange cults or religions of any kind. Just an ordinary person who goes to work like any other. Just wondering if this is just me or if it is an common thing when encountering possibly Alien Crafts. ?

5 days ago #2

Similar thing happened to me. I was 21 when my sister and I saw what I believed to be a ufo. The only thing I remember from that night was pointing it out to my sister and asking her what it could be. I remember saying it cannot be a normal aircraft. It was too quiet and there, in one spot, "hanging" there. Its all I remember...

Fast forward almost 15 years and reading a book about Roswell incident it was as if a curtain was suddenly opened and the memory of that night flashed back - not everything, but again seeing the aircraft. I called my sister and she remembered that night too. And then the "memory"started fading. Actually, as soon as I tried remembering it started fading.

I cant remember what happened after we spotted it. Cant remember if we ever spoke about it and for the life of me I cant remember what it looked like in detail. I just remember a massive object and a very clean smell, like something I've never smelled before.

Its been ten years and I still cant recall anything more. Every now and then I'll read up about encounters in the hope that something might trigger my memory, but nothing, nada.

I believe it must be memory loss because of the severe trauma and to be honest I struggle believing people who can remember abductions in detail.

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