Aliens... Or Visitors From The Future?

Credit for this post goes to c b waters.

Time and space are nothing we can pinpoint. Eternity and infinity are around us and yet way beyond us. Certainly, beyond our current comprehension. It is far more likely that the future, as well as the past, are in as much existence as what our limited minds recognise as the present. To that extent, there is the strong possibility of humans from the future making visits to our ‘present’ and even travelling to our remote past. It would certainly account for all those UFO sightings over centuries, and the close encounters of the first, second and third kind. No one who claimed the latter ever described anything other than humanoid features in those they saw, or those that ‘kidnapped’ them for experimental purposes. Of course, the majority of UFO sightings/encounters can be explained or dismissed, but some of the genuine and unexplained phenomena could truly be down to visitors from our future ...from a time where we, humankind, not only discovered time travel but harnessed it.

All this makes infinitely more sense than the idea that advanced alien civilisations would make their way countless light years across the cosmos just to tease us with their presence. To appear briefly and then simply shoot off home again? No. There may be 10,000 advanced alien civilisations out there, even just in our own galaxy, but unless wormholes have been discovered and harnessed by them, even travelling near light speed they wouldn’t possibly spend 1000s of light years reaching us (if they even knew where we were) only to hardly show themselves at all. What would be the point? Alien or human, explorers want to make contact with what or whom they’re visiting! So it’s almost certain that intelligent alien life forms have never visited us.

As for visitors from our future, they would have instructions NOT to interfere with the past (as it would change the future) ..hence their reticence at being seen by us, apart from the odd glimpse. Experimenting on the odd human from their past, our present, sounds unethical as well as interfering with time, but they could have their reasons ..perhaps to eradicate certain diseases in the future. However, no real proof exists of such close encounters, and, if true, anyone from the future would want it that way.

Image from (A model of ‘folded’ space-time illustrates how a wormhole bridge might form with at least two mouths that are connected to a single throat or tube.
Credit: edobric | Shutterstock)

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  • Vale: Does anyone else have any theories about aliens, visitors from the future, and wormholes?
  • The Patrician: I was having thoughts along the same lines. Humans from the future coming back in time, probably just to study us and our cultures. We wonder what it was like for the earliest of humans, what life was like for them, what life was like before mankind, what did the dinosaurs really look like? Who’s to say that they wouldn’t wonder the same about us? There’s only so much you can learn from looking at cave drawings and studying bones. Probably the most ideal solution would be time travel.
    Like you said, there would be a great fear in the future of altering the past, so they would try to keep their impact as minimal as possible. In a world of over 7 billion people however, it would always be difficult to hide. Maybe they would ‘abduct and probe’ rural farmers and others to study human anatomy.
    I agree that this theory makes a lot more sense. I’d say the only reason an alien species advanced enough to make the massive voyage would want to remain hidden is to study our culture, to which I say, **** them, we’re looking as hard as we can for you guys and you’ve been here the whole time? But people from the future would want to be minimal impact, observe only.
    Props to you for even considering this idea. In my 15 years of existence, I’ve only just come up with the idea now, and I simply Google searched to see if anyone else had.
  • Vale: It is an interesting theory and makes a lot more sense than aliens with regards to trying to avoid any contact! Let us know if you come up with anything else during your searches!
  • The Patrician: Well, I just thought of it now, but if these aliens are just people from the future, why do they look so different. Most alien sightings refer to the aliens as humanoid, sure, but they’re never Human. It’s always insect-like, or slimy or something like that. Could they just be from REALLY far into the future when evolution has dictated that they don’t look anything like us?
    One possible explanation is that the ‘aliens’ aren’t even alive at all. If we travelled back in time we’d worry about the same thing, disease. Perhaps they’re just robots, or even a genetically engineered animal, who can get sick without risk of starting a global pandemic when they return to their time. I would imagine that a lot of very intelligent scientists would facepalm if they realised that after all of that hard work, and after millions of years of no disease (which would basically render our immune system useless, as there would’ve been no need for it.) they suddenly brought back a disease capable of wiping out humanity. Kind of ironic that we should survive it now, and then in the future we bring it back and it kills us all eh? Even the common cold would definitely have the ability to destroy civilization if there was no natural immunity.
  • Vale: Interesting about the diseases, I never thought about that!
  • The Patrician: It sort of makes sense though. There’s a futurama episode along similar lines. Fry has the common cold, but because no one in the future has any resistances to it, they have to quarantine the city. Similar situation. Imagine if we brought back smallpox or something, but with no natural immunities.
  • Vale: That’s very true! That’s like the recent cases of the bubonic plague
  • The Patrician: Bubonic Plague has been with us for a while. We’ve all heard of the Black Death, which wiped out an estimated 30 - 60% of the population in Europe. But the recent outbreaks are nothing to worry about, we never actually completely cured it, and probably never will unless we go on a flea and rat exterminating spree. The Plague as it is now isn’t as deadly as previous, because of Modern Medicine. Also, The Plague is a bacteria, with no real potential for uncontrollable mutation such as would be necessary to start a global pandemic.
    Put it like this. The future would still have medicine, even if we had cured ALL disease, I still doubt that we would stop research into medicine, although it would definitely slow. This is because of viruses. Viruses such as Influenza have extraordinarily unstable genes. If even one Influenza virus made it to the future, it could rapidly mutate and adjust to its environment, thus releasing a new, probably deadly, strain of virus which would be a super infectious. Not good.
    I just had a funny thought. What if people who get abducted by UFOs are actually sick with some illness that, while harmless now, will eventually cause a massive pandemic in say, 200 years. And the ‘aliens’ are actually people from the future looking for a cure.
  • Vale: I never thought about the bacteria vs. virus, but you’re right!
    As for abducted people being carriers of an illness, only one thing, if the illness is harmless now, but causes a pandemic in the future, then the people from the future brought it on themselves by visiting the past, right? But then where did the virus originally come from? It reminds me of the chicken and the egg question
  • The Patrician: The illness originated from now. Then (because time moves relatively forwards) it makes it to the future undetected. Then it starts a pandemic. Then the people from the future travel back in time to try and find out why it didn’t kill us, in hopes of finding a cure.
    Funnily enough there’s a movie based on this idea too. I think it’s called something about Monkeys, and no I’m not talking about the new Planet of the Apes. It’s called 12 Monkeys, just googled it.
    Somehow every cool idea I have for a story is already taken. You know when I was 12 I thought up THE EXACT plotline of the Matrix, it was only after I saw the Matrix almost a year later that I realised.
  • Vale: I saw 12 monkeys, it was a good movie! As for having ideas already taken, that happens to me a lot. I think I’ve thought of something new and then shortly after somebody else comes up with it. I guess that’s why there’s the saying "great minds think alike" :)
  • The Patrician: When I try to do creative writing:
    Me: "How about a crumbling city-"
    Teacher: "Copyright."
    Me: "Well what about a giant maz-"
    Teacher "Copyright."
    Me: "Okay then, what about a virus that-"
    Teacher: That’s still copyright, like twice."
    Me: "Is there anything that isn’t copyright?"
    Teacher: "Yes. A man whose job is to publicly embarrass himself as to make everyone else feel better."
    Me: "I think I might just try my hand at sciences then..."
  • Vale: :)
  • Tracey: I think this could be the answer, it would explain why there has never been contact, I also believe that quantum physics could make anything possible
  • The_Patrician: Yes, it does do a decent job at explaining most things. But then again, so does every other conspiracy theory ever. The only thing that separates fact from fiction is evidence, if there is no evidence for something, then it has zero credibility. However, if there is no explanation for something then it’s okay to create hypothesi (Plural for Hypothesis: Hypothesi?) which explain what’s going on, then going out and collecting evidence to prove or disprove you hypothesis.
    Unfortunately, this is a topic in which it’s difficult to collect evidence for, or even prove exists. I think the first step should be to stop World Hunger, then we can start worrying about weird flying objects. Until then it’s okay to theorise, but frankly there are more pressing concerns on this earth than whether or not we’re being visited by extra-terrestrials or time-travellers.
  • UFORUS: The truth is we get visited by are future self. Daligon. the only message to give. Australian man will give you more information when given

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