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We're at War - Part II by Phinikas
In Part I, the statement was made that if ever you give Liberty away, you have nowhere to go when they come after your safety as well. Let's talk about that. But first, a little sidebar. What does Liberty have to do with ET? Well, everything ...
Official Admission About ET Will Cause World-wide Riots - Really? Yes, Really. Part I by Phinikas
As the story goes, the government doesn't want to tell the world about UFOs is because it would cause global panic, riots, and world-wide destruction. It seems a bit exaggerated from a certain perspective. Come on. Just knowing the truth that ...

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Similar thing happened to me. I was 21 when my sister and I saw what I believed to be a ufo. The only thing I remember from that night was pointing it out to my sister and asking her what ...
by Memory007 - 3 days ago
N.W. A,Z, Yes i have 1000's of poctures but am very carefull if at all who i share with. Its not a friendly area to expose .
by Greenman1 - 1 week ago
They are very aggressive and taking a lot of areas. Very formidable force, most powerfull one i have seen so far . Zoom in to pic, maybe you can find them in this cell shot, from 2 to 3 ...
by Greenman1 - 1 week ago
When I was around 7 years old I was in bed and I woke up in the middle of the night.i lifed the covers over and I saw a silver circle floating. It's was only like 1 cm. I don't know if it ...
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
They seem to be everywhere around the globe. Here wher i am there are 7 on a regulare basis over my area every night and as many as 12 depending on what group is in town that month or 2. ...
by Greenman1 - 2 weeks ago
The truth is we get visited by are future self. Daligon. the only message to give. Australian man will give you more information when given
by UFORUS - 3 weeks ago
I was also a Christian convert, still am, and I kept being abducted, how do I know? Well finger bruises all over my arms, my back, my stomach area above my navel. Finally one night as I was ...
by Zoxz - 1 month ago

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