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Have you ever held the dead corpse of a person you have known in your arms? Well, I have. I can only tell you, you know that that shell, that dead body, that once was a live, talking, full of life, human being, wasn’t in that body anymore. What did that tell me? It told me that there is a definate difference between the human conciousness, or soul if you will, and the body, the humanoid computer. What has that subject to do with UFOs? Well, I think, that UFOs come from a place of another dimension, and they are trying to manipulate our conciousness in order to control our “computer bodies”. I’m talking from a purely subjective and existential standpoint. I am not religious, but I’ve read many religious texts that talk about the powers of good and evil. I’ve experienced first hand, the curiosity, the enchantment, that I felt in encountering not just UFOs, but things I couldn’t explain. One night, I was lying on my bed, looking out my window at a full moon, when suddenly, a dark cloud came in through the window and started to encircle the roof of my room like a wolf. I was in a state of terror, while I knew instinctively that it was an evil presence. It circled closer and closer to me until it landed on my chest and it felt like a horse was sitting on me. I prayed to God. I couldn’t breath. After what seemed to be an eternity, I could move again and turn myself on my stomach. I thanked God. But this experience didn’t make me a religious fanatic. It only proved to me that there are powers out there that we don’t see, normally. We are the controlled robots that we are, because of those who control the media, the space program, the military industrial complex; thank you president Eisenhower for that phrase, and those who control our money supply, at a great profit for themselves. They, of the power class, have long ago learned how to control the masses. They have been, I believe, in contact with what we call aliens, or angels and demons, and UFOs, and these things are not nice people. But what I’m trying to get at is this: we all have a conciousness, a soul. It is independant from our bodies. Our bodies are like a computer. It responds to the information we put into it from our conciousness. And these things know that if they control our conciousness, our souls, they can control our bodies, our computer. If these things can control our conciousness through the media, getting us to hone in on our base nature of sex, drugs, and rock’n roll, they can control us. Nothing wrong with those things. I love ’em all. But If you’re not aware that it’s a manipulation, you’re a robot. Your conciousness is finished. You’re just a body, a computer, a robot. I believe, and I cant provide tangible proof for it, only my own, human, subjective ”feelings” and through my experience, that there is a distinct correlation between UFOs, the military industrial complex, and the so called, “illuminati”. I believe, that people who are spiritually oriented, as were the saints in the past, the martyrs, who gave their lives to tell the truth about these beings, which might be called demons by some, aliens by others, appearing as UFOs, are not here to save us, but to enslave us. There are those of us who buy their game, thier bread and circuses. There are those of us who are so dumbed down they will never see a UFO. Not really. Only when it’s too late. But they probably won’t care anymore, because they have lost their souls. They are nothing more than robots. Bodies without a soul. just like a grey. They never got to the point to glimpse the truth. Not until they are enslaved, and then they will be the Eloi, cattle to be eaten, body, mind and soul, by the aliens we were told would bring peace and love to our planet.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Marilyn: That is utterly depressing Hammer.
    I have to say that I am not in full agreement with you on this, since there is no way to no for sure, just like there is no way to know for sure that god exists - its a matter of belief, and belief is a matter of choice.
    I choose to have a more optimistic view :-)
  • hammer: Marilyn,
    I’m just telling what I’ve experienced and what I’ve felt instinctively through those experiences. I’ve been very fortunate to have had these things happen in my life. I can say for sure that I haven’t lived a life of quiet desperation. The one thing I really want to experience is direct concious contact with a so called "alien". As you know I tried to make contact with them telepathically. I set up a video camera next to my bed. But before I even started, I started getting mental images of greys, and it was unsettling to say the least. So I think I undermined my project subconciously. I’m going to try it again when I’m moved into my new apartment. I’ll let you know.
  • Marilyn: Good luck, Hammer :-) (with the new apartment as well)
  • susan1963: i have never seen a UFO, but i keep saying to my children, always remember to look up. half of our visible world is in the sky, and if you dont look, you never see. i love looking up into the sky at night. the stars and the vastness make me feel like i am safe and i belong.
  • hammer: Hi Susan1963,
    you are very perspicacious, having read your other posts. I personally am weary of of UFOs and aliens. They are fascinating, but so is a diamond back rattlesnake. That’s just my feeling. I think you are wise to tell your kids to look to the skies. When I was a kid my parents always told me to look straight ahead, but I didn’t. I saw lots of things they told me were "weather balloons". I never looked straight ahead. I also looked down to the ground and I often found lost money that way. But the night sky is sometimes teaming with activity, and when it’s clear, you know you’re not alone.
  • hammer: Hi Susan1963,
    I made a big typo. I didn’t mean to say I’m weary of UFO’s and aliens, I meant to say,WARY.
  • Marilyn: Hi Susan - I think that is such a nice thought, and outlook on life - not only as far as ufo’s go. Generally - if you don’t look, you won’t see.
  • susan1963: hi hammer — i can understand that you are wary, but all i can do is offer the following perspective. if they (et’s) wanted earth, they could have taken it over a long time ago. our governments, perhaps through all history, have had their own dealings with the races that are scattered throughout our galaxy. "they" (ets) have been told that we do not want them here and have respected it so far. but our leaders are now a threat to any galactic community. and our governments already have access to a great deal of et technology. i believe there is a base on the dark side of the moon and that the moon is hollow = i also believe there is life on mars. and many other planets. there are seriously dangerous people in charge of our existance on this planet earth.
    the whole history, religion, extra terrestrial question is being played out on us ... the secret govt always always is behind both sides of the debate, both sides of the war. its all controlled to ensure maximum fear, confusion and dependence on government. if the et’s attack us one day, i am sure that the govt will be behind it. but looking at the world we live in, looking at all the suffering from poverty, disease, war, genocide ... this is not a kind world run by kind people. we should all be equal. no one should be dying in this day and age. the money is there, but it is tightly held by a small percentage. we could solve all the problems of this planet earth, if we were given all of the knowledge that is known and withheld. if you asked me to vote on it, i would willingly assign an alien race to govern us in place of our so called democracy which stands for nothing of value in our human experience. At the very least i would like a choice. I dont like the way humanity has gone, or is going. it is wrong on so many innate and intrinsic levels. how long can we keep turning a blind eye?
    Marilyn, thanks for your reply. looking up into the skies is part of our ancient human culture. it is hard wired into our brains, but somehow we seem to have forgotten how important it is on both a practical and spiritual level. it opens us up to a reality that exists but we are always too preoccupied with ground level reality to notice.
    I hope i see the new age, in my lifetime. Thats my biggest fear, that i will miss being alive to see it come into being. but i am hopeful.
    on a side note, does anyone have any thoughts about the missile that NASA launched on Thursday which will fire an explosive into the moon surface - we are going to be looking at the moon tonight with the telescope i bought for just that reason. i wonder how angry the people living on the dark side are going to be !?! will this be the mission that triggers off the debate which will start to bring about partial disclosure. i do know that THEY wont tell us anything important. its not in their plan for us.
  • hammer: Hi Susan1963,
    I wish there were more people like you out there. I’m talking about our place in the unverse and what’s really important as we take up space on this planet. It depresses me sometimes that people are so uninterested in their own cosmos. But you give me hope. I can understand your willingness to assign an alien race to govern us in favour of "democracy". "Democracy" is nothing more than the rule of te mob anyway, without respect of the rights of the minority, so there I’m with you. But, through my personal, subjective experience, I’m not too sure that these so called ETs or aliens have our (humans) best interests in mind. If you go back and read some of my old blogs on this site you might get an idea. But, I’ll just tell you, even though my experiences have sometimes been full of wonder, they have also been full of fear. That tells me instictively that I better be careful. I’ve tried to make contact with many UFOlogist. Most of them didn’t have the time because they were writing books. I did howerver write to a man that piqued my curiosity because his story is very similar to mine. I wrote him a couple of years ago and he’s always responded with good answers to my questions. His name is Derrel Sims. I know he’s controversial, but he’s answered each and every one of my e-mails. He doesn’t claim to know what aliens are or where they come from, but he understands my experience. I think you are just now starting to go down the rabbit hole. It’s a never ending journey, but it will amaze you.
  • hammer: Hi again Susan1963,
    I haven’t heard about the missle NASA is planning to fire at the Moon, but you can be sure it is a military op. Who knows what NASA is really up to? I was walking my dog at three in the morning under a crystal clear sky here in Berlin. I had read in the newspaper that the space shuttle was going to be photographically mapping Europe. I was wondering why they needed to do that since there already are quite a few euopean maps. But as I was walking my dog and watching the sky, I suddenly saw something bright moving and stopping in the night sky. I ran inside my apartment and got my high powered russian binoculars. As I focused on the bright object, I saw it was the NASA Space Shuttle. It hung in the sky and an arm would come out and go back in. It stayed there a few minutes, then it turned around and took off. It was amazing. I just thought, "what are they doing up there"?
  • susan1963: oh i wish i could say that i have not been down the rabbit hole yet — i started out looking at websites about 3 months ago, for my youngest ones health - then found out about our water and fluoride, then codex alimentarius, then the 911 coverup then the govt behind the govt, then the orchestrated financial collapse, then the NEW WORLD ORDER, then illuminati, freemasons, bilderbergs, trilateral commission, WHO, swine flu, tainted vaccines, satanism, the connection between current leaders and ancient egypt, if not babylon and beyond. then i looked into our forbidden history, and the implications of the age of our planet, civilisations and prior visitations. the corruptions of the torah and the bible, and the biblical references to annunaki and nibiru ... then the vatican involvement, jesuit priests, knights templar, the black pope ... then into NASA, and the hidden NASA program ... and all the way back to extra terrestrials, hollow earth, the moon as a satellite ...
    i started with a health problem and ended up with aliens and alien technology ... go figure ! this is not where i wanted to end up believe me ! :-)))
    there is so so so much unknown — who is in alliance with who, and under what contract ... what has been offered to our governments that allow alien races to impact with our human race, against our knowledge, our will and our rights to protection.
    i have a minor theory, that all the Annunaki/ devil worshiping families that rule here on earth are in a big hurry ... they promised the annunaki that things would be under control when nibiru next passed through our orbit, and they are running far far behind. i have read about project bluebeam and the possible govt organised "alien attack" scenario that they will play out to terrorise us and get us under control. another orson welles scenario but this time in HD widescreen LCD and Plasma panel tvs with surround sound !!! i understand that chemtrails deliver both poisons and are screening our atmosphere .. whether it is to make the great delusion more successful (our sky visibility has dropped something like 20% over the last few years) or to make many people much more sick than they are already.
    I have listened to hours and hours of UFO documentaries and history documentaries and UFO abductees and contactees testimonies. i have read about esoteric physics and the fractal theory of our universe and the fact that matter is simply held together by our own will and determination. we are all holograms made flesh through vibration.
    they all have truth, but they are not all truth.
    we are being given so much information from the powers that be, purely through movies ... some truth, lots of scenarios and possibilities ... we are being told, we are being warned we are being given advance notice. but put into a fairytale or a sci fi movie ...
    i dont know exactly what to believe, but i know there is a strong thread of truth through all of it. it has to play itself out one way or the other, but if the government present us with an alien race that they say are our allies, be sure that i will be running in exactly the opposite direction.
    I do know that our governments are under orders other than the ones they portray to us the constituents. i do know that politicians and judges and other public figures have been warning us about our govts and the military industrial complex for 80 years or more. i do know that mainstream news is nothing but bubble gum and fairy floss.
    but i dont know the answers ... i just want to believe that there are alien races that care about humans and humanity and they are willing to intervene when there is no other option. i cant believe its not NOW already. how much longer can we live like this? millions upon millions upon millions dying of disease and hunger and lack of clean water, from violent bloody deaths, from dictatorship, from torture, from refugee camps, from medicines that are supposed to protect them. fathers are slaughtered, mothers and daughters and sons are abused and slaughtered. our planet is littered with death. and i look at all of those deaths as holocausts - so why arent we as a human race screaming and banging down the doors of our houses of parliament and demanding that help be given. real help. permanent help. global and perpetual help. we arent helping because our media always likes to keep our eyes turned away from this information. we get a little snippet, and most people turn away from the ghastly images we get. I cant turn away from it anymore. We, the people, are allowing holocausts to occur around the world. just like america and the UK did during world war II - why do we say nothing?
    Where is our humanity? we have been blinkered into believing there is no solution. its simply not true. the korean war and the vietnam war, and the gulf war and the iraq war and the afghanistan war ... all orchestrated holocausts.
    I actually went to see a pyschologist a few years ago, because it made me so melancholy. (plus i had lost a daughter in 2001 and not long after, my husband and the father of my childen) she told me to just focus on what is in front of me. that focusing outside of me was a waste of time because it is beyond my control to alter. Where is humanity in that reasoning? some of us cannot turn our eyes away. if i am not prepared to witness and acknowledge suffering, what sort of a coward does that make me?
    sorry this is so long, i could go on for hours !
    tx hammer
  • xfileresearcher: "Do not adjust your mind, it is reality that is malfunctioning. "
    - Robert Anton Wilson -
  • Randy: I have seen many ufos through my lifetime, some with others and a couple that others should have seen but didn’t. I am a firm believer that there are differant dementions. The one that troubles me the most happened about 10 yrs. ago. I work at a trucking company that is right in the core of a city of over 600,000 people, it was summer , about 7:30 am and a clear sky. As I walked outside I could see what I thought was a hot air balloon is the south east which is not uncommon. I stood a moment and watched and as i did i became quite awear of the sorroundings, all the noise of the city seemed to stop and the wind was nonexistant {total calm}. I saw this balloon coming closer, quicker than one should have untill it was right above me. No, it wasn’t a balloon, what i was looking at was for no better words was a mothership- dam it was huge and not round and smooth but it had a very distinct shape and big, i mean
    several football fields in diamiter- like it was covering a huge part of the sky, yet it just floated, i knew it was very low, I’m guessing a few hundred feet. As I’m standing there being blown away at the size and what i know i’m seeing, i am wondering where everyone else is! How can i be the only one seeing this. It was about that time when this huge thing dissapered and the sounds and wind came back. I don’t use drugs nor do i have any mental issues. Just wish it was not me alone seeing what I saw! Randy
  • hammer: Hey Randy,
    you are just one of those people that I believe are being observed. Take it as a compliment, but stay cautious. Thanks for a great post.
  • Unkeljack: hammer, If you’ll go get the November 2009 issue of Astronomy Magazine, on page 40, there’s a story about an engine I invented in 1954. It’s an Ion Drive device. The trouble in my day was the most advanced tools we had was a Hand-Operated, Brace and Bit. I realized it would require an advanced power supply, but didn’t know if they could make one small enough, powerful enough and safe enough from radiation to install in a Space Ship. The only Reactors available in those days, were bigger than a house, and weighed thousands of tons. The Ion Engine they would power, would generate less than a hundred lbs of thrust. So, I gave up on the Idea, hoping that at some time in the future they would come up with an adequate power supply. The one they’re building, to take man to Mars, will have to be launched by chemical fuel rockets, into orbit, then fire the Ion Drive and slowly spirial out. 100 lbs of thrust, applied for a long time, is VERY effective. Remember Chemical fuel rockets, only provide thrust for minutes, but Ion drive engines operating 24/7, can build tremendous speed. I have been addicted to going to Mars, since my mom told me about it, in 1946. It doesn’t matter that I’ll never get any credit..I know. One reason that I didn’t have a burning desire to see it through is simple. In 1947 a UFO followed our car for approx. 2 hours, they had something much better than an Ion drive. So, I have spent a lifetime working on Field Propulsion. Also I’m working on the Gravity problem, CJ had joined in. At present, there is no adequate explanation for how Gravity works. Some think there’s a particle called a Graviton, that gives all particles\matter gravity. Kinda like the Higgs-Boson giving Mass to particles, that’s what they are looking for with the LHC, if they ever get in running. Ahhhhh YES...."The God Particle". Well hammer I’ll shut up and go play my Guitar. It’s amazing, I don’t have anything to do but I’m busy all the **** time. Bye.
  • hammer: Hello Unkeljack,
    You just gave me a lot of things to look up. Thanks. It’s a strange coincidence that just yesterday I was thinking about a kid I went to grade school with named Kurt Kleinschmidt. He was a rocket freak. He’d bring books to school and show me photos of rockets and excitedly point to one and say,"look at this rocket! Thirty-five thousand pounds of thrust!" I haven’t thought or heard about rocket "thrust" in years, and now you bring up the subject. Interesting coincidence. The other thing is, have you ever seen a leaf floating on a still pond and it gets drawn near a floating piece of wood or log and suddenly the leaf starts moving closer and faster to the wood ’til it makes contact with it? There must be a relation to that and gravity. Thanks for the interesting stuff.
  • djedhor: I like reading these blogs about supposed aliens and their skeptics, the ultimate convergence of belief and denial . Its gonna be fun to watch the future play out , or what’s left of the future anyway. I have seen alien ships , orbs, sky camouflage used by gigantic ships , lights coming out of the ocean , hovering , then exploding into separate entities and then casually flying off into the cosmos. Does it sound laughable ? Ofcourse it does, but only if you think you know everything about space , time and existence. For all those who think aliens dont exist let me ask you a question ‘’ What makes you think this is even our planet? ‘’ I will be posting more
  • Unkeljack: djedhor: I agree with what you said. The US Govt. knows all about Flying Saucers, which is what they called them. There are 2 basic reasons that they don’t come clean. First, they can’t protect us from them, like you said, I think this is one of the races seen here, lives here under our Oceans. The second is, they think quite strongly, that people will panic, when told that All the Biblical Gods were\are Aliens. There are to many old and uneducated people, that are too set in their ways, to accept a life changing reality. Also we often see some real strange acting Craft. From ORBs to mile long ships, to Giant Triangles. They perform many manuvers, that seemingly make no sense, WHY? Some can elude Radar. Some can dissapear. They often fly in front of many people, like in Mexico, a few years back, WHY? They fly around our aircraft, whether commercial or military. WHY? They are obviously not trying to hide, WHY? I have an idea, that I’ve been mulling over for a number of years. They want our world to understand that we are part of a vast community. And if and when we do, we will see the fulity of our Tribal wars. At some point, we must establish a world wide govt. We are in reality on Spaceship Earth, and have over a hundred nations steering, it’s NOT working folks. We either get together or DIE.
  • Matthew Staben: I’ve never seen a UFO. I sometimes have poignant dreams, and dreamt once of standing in a familiar yard with beams of green light coming down from dark objects, and a sense that to be swept into one was not something to be afraid of.
    For me, it goes to prove that the imagination is capable of profound fantasies derived from subtle, implanted thoughts. An entire dream, from "Amazing Stories" type documentaries involving UFOs.
    By the way, the article this response is toward contains a spelling error. It’s "Your conciousness is finished.", not "You’re conciousness is finished." I kind of like it, though, easily proving the author isn’t some kind of sage. The ‘enlightened’ do not make spelling mistakes, I would think.
    Other than what I’ve said, I thought the article was written by a paranoid neurotic - there’s no angels or demons flying around in the sky. Good God.
  • hammer: HI Matthew,
    I’m with you. I hate it when I see spelling errors. I’m sort of "anal" that way. But you see, I work in a psychiatric facility and I usually write after working eight to ten hours a day with people who actually see, in their mind’s, angels and demons, so I’m a little tired at the end of the day and I do make mistakes. But you see, I work in Germany, where the power elite were into taking over the world and creating super weapons. I’m just guessing, but you’re either from the United States or England or one of her other properties. You seem to me to be a sceptic. You’ve never seen a UFO, which most people haven’t because they are more interested in watching television or shopping at Walmart or playing with something. But your tone reminds me of a guy I was in college with from South Africa. It was in a comparative government class backin 1980. I made the statement that I felt the UK would become the most surveilled nation on Earth. He said,"good God, are you an idiot." Well, that has come to pass. But I am getting off the point. The nazis wanted to rule the world. But they sort of lost the war, but not really. Or better said, the germans got the shaft. Well what did the "allies" do? They divided up the top nazi scientists between them. Project "paper clip", bringing the best minds in rocketry science and physics and engeneering to the US and USSR. They were into mind control, telepathy, occultism, and not to mention space travel and anything else you might consider an "amazing story". You know Matthew, it really is amazing how ignorant you are considering how intelligently "anal" you are about spelling mistakes. The main thing is we communicate with each other. Sorry if I’ve offended you. I just got off WORK after seven days in a row and I resent someone who calls me, what in medical diagnosis would be called a paranoid, hallucinatory, schizophrenic. But I never said I was "enlightened". I’m trying. I would be very happy to continue to talk with you further. It’s a pity that a person of your obvious intelligence is so narrow minded. But then again, people are mostly the products of their educational programming. People are never taught to think and observe or go with their insticts,just to do as they’re told.
  • Matthew Staben: My instinct is: "You’re nuts." Too much TV is what I call it. However, allow me to direct you to my very only possible UFO sighting. I take lots of pictures, as I do not watch much TV as you’re suggesting; I like to scan the photographs for objects such as people. Here’s one to scrutinize. Any idea what it is?
    The whole picture
    Note the silver thing above the brown building in the background? Here’s what it looks like close-up.
    Finally, I do think you overuse the word "anal", that can be a sign of homosexuality; but if that’s what you like to do, it doesn’t change what I think of you already. Nazism should be avoided. Oh, wait a minute. Why do I feel like I’m lecturing a child?
  • hammer: Hi again Matthew,
    Thank you for pointing out the spelling error in my post. I’ve corrected it. By the way, I checked out the link to your name and I found the photos brilliant.
  • hammer: Matthew, I think you take great photos. I don’t know what that silver object could be. It certainly doesn’t look like a normal aircraft and I’m not a photography expert to know if it’s faked. But as to your comments about me personally, I don’t own a television and I’m not *****. I just used the word "anal" because it fits people who are preocupied with finding fault wherever they can. As for your feelings as though you’re lecturing a child, maybe you’re a kindergarden teacher or an academic or just have delusions of grandeur, I don’t know. Your opinion of me is none of my business.
  • Jhonny Paranoid: But what if robots can be fully conscious? I mean, not like a computer, I mean completely conscious. It IS possible, not just yet, but it is possible. When a system is very very complex it starts to show emerging properties, that’s why animals can’t be fully conscious, that is why artificial intelligence is actually stupid, they are not complex enough to be self-conscious. But as we push the envelope of science the chimera of the self-conscious computer comes closer and I wonder... What will be of the concept of ’soul’ then?
  • hammer: Hallo(as we say in Germany) Jhonny, ( Did you mean Johnny)?
    Doesn’t matter. You pose some very interesting questions. Artificial intelligence cannot have a soul because it had to have existed in the first place. Case closed. But, anything’s possible. Maybe, as in my ex-mormon religion, they say, we will become gods and rule over our own creations. How about that? Plus, I would recommend everyone to check out Jhonny’s website. It’s very good. Jhonny, or Johnny, it’s my belief, and Matthew Staben, don’t take me wrong, I’m not in kindergarden, but it’s my belief that human beings have a soul, that’s our consciousness. Now, contrary to popular belief, I believe, and it’s just as valid as that apish looking inbred Darwin’s theory, that the universe and all it’s inhabitants were created by an intelligence that is beyond our comprehension. I’m not saying the Bible did it, although, if one does read the Bible one might get a bit of knowledge from it. Unfortunately it’s not like second had smoke. You do have to inhale. But most pople these days have never read the Bible or for that matter, ever read anything. I would suggest that people read the Bible as an historical document, bedtime story for the kids, or just because it’S the most widely published book on the planet that nobody seems to read. But back to J. Paranoid who’s website I find very informative, there once was a man called Rabbi Löwe. He decided that the nobility, new world order, were going to make problems for the jewish ghetto in Prague. So, he called upon the dark forces to help him find a way to help his people. After all, you have to fight fire with fire. So he called upon a demon. This demon told him to create a being out of clay and to give him the name that would bring him to life. Rabbi Löwe followed his instructions and did just so, creating a "Golem" or artificial human being. But it didn’t have a soul. Now what I am going to postulate to you is this: all human beings on this Earth have a soul, an intelligence. That may sound absurd when thinking about some or most of our politicians who have proven time and again to be less than human and to have no souls or intelligence. But, regardless if they can speak the native language of their constiuents or not, they get elected to represent you. Somebody pays worthless paper money to have these poor souls elected to represent the stupid voters who’s vote is rigged anyway. Then comes the media blitz with hot babes and "intelligent looking" newsmen who don’t know **** from shinola, and tell us pawns and peons what to think. Therefore, we have given our souls over to a bunch of inbred, halfwitted but clever, elitests who have controlled the world since our time began. It was their luck that they came upon the higher technology at Roswell and used that for their devious control game. JHonny Paranoid, I am so happy that you contacted us. I think your website is brilliant and I think you have a great soul.
    Best regerds,
  • Jhonny Paranoid: Hallo Hammer, actually it’s Jhonny, not Johnny LOL. I really don’t know what to believe when it comes to souls and the paranormal, I’m agnostic, that’s why I’m an amateur Paranormal Investigator. My mother’s cousin died of an invasive brain tumor, seeing people struggle with brain illnesses really puts things in perspective (scary ****). But don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% skeptic. I did read the bible and the four gospels back when I was a hardcore believer, I just went to college after that LOL and learned a bunch of other things, which overweight the religious stuff I know because, at least in my own experience I have no way of proving any of my religious views, I have absolutely no tangible evidence of the spiritual world the bible thaught me existed out there, it’s all circumstantial evidence, but the scientific evidence it’s there for everything else, I can prove about anything with it while the religious knoledge is more like a bunch of folkloric tales, I’ve also read about a lot of other cultures, and their religious views share lots of resemblances with the bible, even though they have different deities. That is why I became a paranormal investigator, I want to prove to myself that the spiritual world exists. Sad thing is that I haven’t found like any cold hard evidence about anything I want to prove, all I got is a few theories, but not HARD HARD EVIDENCE Like "here, this is an actual piece of UFO, it’s made out of Unobtanium" or "Here, this is a ghost, it’s made out of Müon neutrinos and gamma photons" LOL get what I’m saying? Me and my webguy used to be Paranormal Investigators together but while the lack of tangible evidence and the tremendous amount of hoaxes we found drove him into total skepticism, I am still confident that we can even prove the existence of God through science, it’s only matter of time until the time is right and we can find some tangible evidence and analyze it.
    Regarding cosciousness, in my humble opinion, I can’t prove the existence of the soul out of the body perse, cause it’s not a measurable energy, so I am like open-minded about it but I’m also open to the idea that there is none and my life’s work might be a wild goose chase, thanks God I don’t do this for living though LOL, I wish somebody paid me to do it LOL. What we’ve found so far is that the brain is some sort of anthena, (and this is only a hypothesis I have) and the mind, soul, consciousness, whatever you wanna call it, is the electric activity that’s in the brain, this ‘anthena’ is capturing this signal and transforming it into electrical impulses, the more complex this anthena (the brain) is, the more little terminals it has, the more ‘consciousness’ you show. For now my investigation is incomplete, I would like to take measurements on a dying person, to see where this electric brain activity goes during and after the moment of death, but of course that would be unethical LMAO. I still have a lot of questions regarding God, the soul, ghosts and a lot of other things, but hopefully in time I’ll have the answers.
    I’ve seen so many hoaxes in my life time, that I don’t believe things so easily. Especially after Mom and I converted to Christianism (we used to be Catholic). Lots of Pastors sometimes try to force the ‘miracles’ down your throat and that’s kinda what pissed me off in the beginning, cause some are making pretty good buck on that and that kinda pisses me off. I know miracles just don’t happen that easily, cause I’ve seen myself some really weird unexplaible stuff, but coercing it to happen is just not the way cause you automatically f*ck up what’s real, now people like me will doubt of everything.
    By the way, thanks for your kind words about my web site, I’m glad you like it. If you have any crazy/paranoid news, please do send them my way, I’ll credit you. I always love some really crazy unexplainable stuff or those news about the end of the world (I like to see what’s coming my way so I can prepare for it). I just try to put a funny spin on the news, cause I got enough drama in my life to still get more drama in the newspaper LOL.
  • hammer: I Jhonny,
    you are a true human being. I will just tell you as someone who’s experienced people’s slow deaths many times, there is something that is not there anymore. Now what could that be? Lying before me is an inanimate body, usually with a yellow hue, but just a shell, a "container". What is it that’s gone? I know what it is but that’s my own personal experience. Science is what those who have the money to pay scientists to say what it is. Don’t forget: in "science" it’s always "theory" not fact. You will never get cold hard facts through second hand scientific research. Do your own reseach, or better yet, do your own "search". After all, the only reality is yours.
    Keep it up,
  • Jenn: I agree with most of this, and it’s pretty scary stuff to look deep into. It’s scary because we only know a small percentage of what’s really going on! I wish the government, and whoever else has all these secrets locked up, to just expose the truth! Who cares if people run and scream and try to kill themselves, at least we’ll know the truth, and we have a right to know what’s really going on.
    I saw a UFO once, and I believe, because it’s not everyone that gets to see them and not everyday you get to see them, that if you do see one, it’s a special sign JUST to you .
  • hammer: Let me tell you Jean, I agree with you one hundred percent. I get a lot of flak because of what I`ve seen and what I’ve experienced. But you know what you have seen and experienced so don’t be afraid of other’s opinions. It’s hard to tell exactly what UFOs are or where they come from. I will tell you what I think and feel. We are in for some big time ****. All I know is, there is a force working beyond our puny knowledge. Some of it is benevolent, but some are there to make us slaves. Just look at the governments around you. It is 1984 on steroids and the sheeple are ready for the slaughter. I’m glad you are not one of them. Read books. Read the books suggested by Alan Watt on cutting through the matrix up there in Canada. He doesn’t try to make a point, he just tells you where to look. I have been quiet lately, but I enjoyed your honest post so I had to write. I wrote this article a while back, but I’m glad someone is reading it. We are comming to an apex in time so we need to stay together. We have to love humanity. Save the Humans. Hammer
  • Joshua Brayboy: "Hammer" your right about most of this. There are powers out there that go beyond our understanding. But, there’s two sides to the alien race that we call it. we’ve all had our encounters, with this since before man came to be. But you say we are robots, I say that in knowledge we are still babies.
    Who can be easily controlled. Our knowledge is limited when it comes to ufo’s and unknown beings. But i tell why the governments simply hide theses things. Because of our saftey. Just as you said, there are beings out there who are set take over us. But there are beings out there also, who are set to help us. I know because i have seen them both, good and evil. Since there is nothing we can do about this. I say, Lets show the aliens how , How the works of the humans race is done. And let not our works be evil,(cause they will be judged) But let our works be holy, and good. so that we humans will not be hurt, by powers we do not know. But let it be followed and learned by the aliens itself. Blessed are the poor in spirit. for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.blessed are they which do hunger an thirst after righteousness,for they shall be filled.Blessed are the merciful,for they shall obtain mercy.Blessed are the pure in heart,for they shall see god.Blessed are the peacemakers,For they shall be called the children of god.Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, When men shall revile you, And shall say all manner of evil against you falsely ,for my sake.
    Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, For great is your reward in heaven.For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out,and to be
    trodden under the foot of men.
  • hammer: Hello Joshua,
    Thank you for your well put commentary. I always appreciate people who speak from the heart. I beg to differ with you on a few points. First off, I would suggest you read my article about Project Blue Beam. I don`t think our "governments" are doing anything for our safety. I know it sounds like a James Bond film, but our governments are not run by us, the people, as they would have us think. No, they are run by bought and paid for stooges who do the bidding of those who are paying for them. We just foot the bill. I don`t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure that one out. All the rocket scientist are working on things much more advanced than rockets, and they are not doing it for our safety I can assure you. Secondly, I assume you are reading the King James "version" of the Bible. I know he got dozens of the best biblical scholars to come up with his version, but King James was not a nice man. There are good words in there no doubt. But there are many other books that were just left out, probably to keep us safe. I have to agree with you on a point I think you were trying to make. Just as there are good and bad people in this world, there are good and bad beings in other worlds to put it simply. I believe it is beyond our comprehension to understand much of life that is around us but we cannot see. I can only talk from experience. My experiences with UFOs,other entities,has been harsh for the most part. I have been helped as well but even then it was sometimes in the sense of a parent scolding a child. You are right in calling us "babies", because that is what we are. We seem to be becomming more infintile by the day. It is very wise of you to realize that life does go on, it never ends, it just changes . I do feel that you are the salt of the earth.
  • Joshua: Your right,King James was not a nice man. And there was other books left out. Judging on the scripture of Enoch. But i can’t believe what my eyes see. I only believe what my heart sees, And i see that people in the world, regardless of who they are. They are not what they seem to be. and thats why i agree with you. I am only 20 years old. And still have alot to learn.
    But what i have learned is that we are getting weaker, day by day just as you said. But we all know this. we have eternity, too find the truth of all things. Because i think we are the ultimate race. If not, what is the purpose of our Existance? And i also think we the are harvest just as the prophets stated in the scriptures. When we are ripe, we will be plucked from the earth. And we shall be called not only the "sons", and "The children" of god. But we shall be called "The ultimate souls of the Light".Because we are "Matter". "The Light" But further more. As of evil, and bad people. That is our ultimate test.
  • Benny G.: Hi Hammer,,Iv’e always wondered why I’ve seen several ufos in the last 37 years..Last year I saw objects swooping in and out of a cloud..These were not craft of any kind..These were living creatures affiliated with the ufo phenomina..I saw a very large cigar shaped craft in a vertical position just 45 minutes before...They are here my friend..Why ?? Anyones guess !!!
  • Sharmaine Rummell: Thanks for another magnificent article. The place else could anyone get that kind of info in such an ideal approach of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the look for such information.
  • Matthew Staben: I’ve come back to haunt this thread! (see my earlier comments). However, my basic viewpoint is much changed - not that UFO’s don’t exist, but how UFO’s wouldn’t have been said to exist had Oil (or Fossil Fuels) not been discovered.
    You see. The discovery of Oil has enabled mankind to greater imagination - had it not been discovered, we’d all still be at the 1870’s or so level of technology - though medically more advanced. We’d not had all these flights of fancy with regard to reaching the stars, we’d not have conceived any stronger power than animal. And without the knowledge that energy can be found in such enormous amounts, the human race would never have invented the concept of UFOs (perhaps remained as mysterious chariot wheels in the sky) but even then, strange natural phenomenon would still be attributed to unknown forces - not alien forces, just those unknown.
    Hence, UFOs are a figment of an Oil-addicted human imagination.
  • Jennifer: I find this new comment pretty interesting, although I got kind of confused part way through I think you do have a good point, but I don’t think we should just assume its our wild imagination to see UFO’s in the sky. If everyone has at least heard of or seen one for themselves than it has to be partially non-fiction.
  • Hammer: I must say it does inspire me to see people thinking and commenting on this post. That being said, I`ll try to respond to all of the comments on this article that have been written recently. First to Benny G. The first UFO I saw was when the Sputnik sattelite was launched by the Soviet Union, and we, my parents and neighbours wanted to get a glimpse of it. We didn`t see the Sputnik, but what we did see was a star-looking object which moved in a zig-zag pattern, stopping and starting in the clear night Bay Area sky of San Francisco, and my neighbour, a physics teacher, saw it too and said, "well, that`s not the Sputnik for sure." I was just a small child at that time. That was my first visual contact with a UFO that I can remember. I saw the very same thing one night with my girlfriend twenty-five years later while camping on the island of Maui. But one day when I was about nine, my mom came home from work and told me about a cigar shapped object that she and her co-workers saw at sunrise before work. She said it also moved in a zig-sag pattern before speeding away in an instant,leaving a contrail.
    To Sharmaine, write to me here if you don`t want to go through all my articles. I`ll be glad to respond to you, and thank you for your kind words.
    To Matthew Staben, the petroleum industry is the biggest in the world. They are who control everything. I would suggest you go to youtube and type in "the nazi bell project". Those nazi scientists were ordered to think outside the box. While you`re at it, type in Joseph P. Farrell and listen to his research in various interviews. I don`t live too far from Poland where the nazis were doing their "bell" or "Glocke" experiments. On the outer edge of the bottom of the "bell" were inscribed some occult symbols. And to Jennifer, that`s my ex girlfriend`s name who saw the UFO on Maui with me. She wasn`t too impressed. Sometimes I think it`s like persistence of vision in a movie house. When we go to the movies, we are sitting half the time in darkness. But our minds tell us we are not. But for me, I have much more direct proof that only I can know for sure. So, if you are open to such things, you won`t reject them out of hand as some kind of natural phenomenon. There are stranger things than exist in your philosophy.
  • Tom: Hey Hammer your room doesn’t have a roof it has a ceiling. Unless you are living in a shed that doesn’t have a ceiling.
  • Jordan Stevens: Hey Hammer, like your article. Most of the time I agree with you. I too have experienced the dark side of the other side. It does exist. However, the ETs being sinister, at least in the sense that we are sinister makes really no sense. To enslave us, makes no sense, when truth is, we would make horrible slaves: eat too much, too independent, etc... I think they could surely acquire some far superior robots than to come here and spend hundreds of thousands of years bothering to make us submissive. It’s not really working, if that’s their goal... I don’t think that’s their goal at all. I think they are here to evolve us, and I think their motivation has something to do to our connection with them at a higher dimension and nothing to do with a hollywood-plot-like reasons; somthing totally alien to our understanding. The evil alien theories, all boils down to shadow government ops when I look into it. Like the cattle mutilations. Project Blue-Beam has an unlimited budget. Disembodied spirits (demons) are usually dead humans as well, at least from my understanding and experience of the subject. I mean humans are the source of evil. Just look at our history. Its pretty bad. Does not speak well of us at all. How would we feel if in our first manned mission to another star system, we get angry and launch nukes and destroy the home planet of some peaceful species, wiping them out? That’s the kind of stuff humans do. We are crazy monkeys really. If the ETs are here to make sure we don’t do crazy stuff like that, then I don’t blame them for all the stuff they do to us (or so people claim.) We are a very scary species and we need to grow up fast. By the way, where are you? You said you were in Germany?
  • hammer:

    Thanks for writing Jordan. You are a man after my own heart. But I don`t mean to say that all so called “ETs” are sinister. I think there is an order and structure in the universe, governed by natural laws, and just as their are “bad” “ETs” I think there are “Good ETs”. It`s the old “As above, so Below” idea. Of course I`m just simplifying it as to good and bad. What`s good for some is bad for us. But let`s face it, all the worlds` religions, including science, have rendered to this point of yin und yang. Positive and negative. It`s old hat. What`s becomming new again for our century, is to recognize it and learn again how to use it. The stuff they were working on in the 1960s at area 51 have still to be brought out into general production and knowledge. Not to mention the reseach into mind control. I will tell you Jordan that I have used mind control or visualisaton that really blew my mind as far as it`s effectiveness is concerned. I soon realised, I wasn`t yet mature enough to use it. I got what I wished and worked for, but in the end, I realised I had made a big mistake. Humankind is not, in my opinion, ready for such information. People where I live in Berlin, sit in the subway and play with their I-pods instead of reading books or they read some tabloid press about the European Soccer Championships. A total dumbing down of the populace. Young girls dress like *****, and even the muslim girls with head scarves on wear and mini skirts, and of course I find them sexy, I`m a man, but it`s all prefabricated to make us think that sex is all there is. It`s dehuminizing us. We are being stupified and animalised. I just started working with a new colleague from Tibet. We work in a psychiatric facility in Berlin, right downtown. The chinese killed his parents when he was a baby so he doesn`t know how old he is exactly. He speaks english and german as well as his mother tongue. But he knows about life the hard way. He`s lived in many different countries before he ended up here in Germany. After all that, he is one of the most peaceful and serene persons I have ever met. Maybe that is our reason for being on this planet, to realise, that regardless of how horrible we humans treat each other, we will come through it, and maybe then, we will be ready to take the next step on the road to spiritual and technological evolution. I thank you Jordan for sending such a thoughtful post. Best regards, Hammer

  • Jordan Stevens: You said it well and more eloquently than I could. Sehr gut fuer ein Deutscher! :) (Meine Frau ist Deutsche und eien wunderbare Frau) After I got out of college 18 years ago with my degree in physics, I struggled with trying to invent something to save the world. Free energy, etc... The first company was shut down by the government. I saw scientists disappear, go mad, etc.. I started blaming the powers that be. But something else was going on. I struggled for an answer. Then one day, bam, I understood with full clarity, that mankind was not ready for technology that could truly save him when he can’t even handle the technology that will destroy him.
    Keep blogging. You are a voice of sanity and understanding out there! Thank you.
  • hammer: Thank you Jordan for your comments, but I am an american who`s been living in Berlin for the past twenty years. But, the reason I`m here is because of two german women I met while they were on vacation in my home town, San Francisco. They invited me to Berlin and I came, and I decided to stay. It was the best descision I ever made. Anyway, I find it interesting that you`re a physicist, and you write very well. If you have the time and inclination, I,for one, would be interested to read a blog of yours on this website. As you know, we`re in the "Year of the Apocalypse" as Dr.Joseph P. Farrell likes to call it, so who knows? We might not have that much time left to realise our "fifteen minutes of fame" as Andy Warhol used to say. Regardless, all the best to you. Hammer
  • Sarah Connor: Really cool post Hammer! I have read many encounters similiar to yours, where the presence of evil was felt to the point of paralysis. I have spent a lot of time researching the the alien phenomena and I am one of those people who believe they are demons. The good alien bad alien is just more hegelian dialectic in my opinion. I think especially in the last few decades, then ramping up exponentially in the past few years, TPTB are conditioning and programming people to accept these interdemensional entities for when they show them selves on a grand scale. They have before as can be gathered from egyptian hyroglifics and other civilations, and will again. This is a pretty interesting disertation comparing modern ufology and biblical demonology if anyone is interested.
    Anyways, fascinating story Hammer and I really appreciate your insight which comes from having had such an experience. God Bless keep on keeping on!
  • hammer: Thank you Sarah Connor. As regards phenomenon such as these,UFOs and aliens, we are pretty much left to our human instincts or "gut reactions". We are not privy to the rest of the story as was Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower or John F.Kennedy were. I think they were the last ones to really know a bit of the truth behind the alien agenda. But that`s just my belief after years of reseach and personal experience. I spent many a summer at my aunt`s home in Lancaster, California in the Mojave Desert. Her husband worked at Edwards Air Force Base and he was the inventor of the bomb sites used during WWII by the americans. I saw many a strange thing in the skies in those days, plus small machines that my uncle would bring home with him that he was working on. He`d tell us we wouldn`t understand it but this was his new project. The last time I visited Lancaster I also saw some strange looking airplanes that I had never seen before. I guess I`m just lucky enough to have been born into a family that is involved in strange military projects and a family with a history of extra sensory perception. But I do not trust the so called aliens for the most part. I do know that there are beings that are here to help us. I have learned that from personal experience. But for the most part, I feel human kind`s encounters with aliens is malevolent. Thank you Sarah for taking the time to respond.
  • christian: Hammer, I got to your post after inquiring on why do some people see ufo’s. I asked this b/c I saw my first ufo(s) Aug 2, 2012. It amazed me. I’m not normally awake at midnight but I got caught up watching the olympics. I live near the beach and was looking out the window towards the ocean in between events. I spotted 3 bright red objects just over the coast... I immediately knew they weren’t helicopters nor airplanes so I went for my iphone real quick to record them. As I continued to watch a 4th and 5th joined the other 3. They were grouped very close together and were of the same size and luminosity. They were completely silent and extremely bright w/ no flashing lights as is typical w/ airplanes and helicopters. There are no airplanes flying past 10pm near our airport JWA. And no helicopters group in two like that let alone 5! And they were so low I would have heard the whir and like I said, they were completely silent. I got about 5 minutes of video footage but as you can imagine, my iphone didn’t do it justice as it doesn’t zoom. Even still, you can tell they are the same luminosity and were completely silent and grouped tightly together. It was simply amazing. I always look up as I check out my entire environment unlike most people. I’ve known ufo’s exist but I’ve recently come of the belief that they are actually inter-dimensionals. I’m a christian and have a hard time reconciling this w/ my belief in God. I’ve been mocking he devil lately as I know he hates this and somehow believe this sighting as something to do w/ it. I ran outside to see if my neighbors saw it. I came across a couple parties as it’s typical in Newport Beach. I asked the first group of people I came across and they looked at me like I was crazy. No one looks up so it doesn’t surprise me. I wonder if they had if they would have seem them anyway. That’s why your post intrigues me. I’m trying to figure out if this sighting was for me or what. Your comment about accessing my computer mind taps on what I know from reading material from David Icke. Very interesting.
  • Sarah Connor: Christian - I hope you don’t mind me responding although your question was posed to Hammer?! I have a dear friend who lives on the CA coast and was hiking the Friday of the opening ceremonies. He is a Christian and has never seen a UFO (until then) though does believe in their existence per interdemenionsal means. While hiking on that Friday he observed one off the coast for over five minutes. His comment to me was wondering if we were about to get disclosure. Though I do not think the UFO spotted over the opening ceremonies verified by multiple news outlets qualify, it is interesting nonetheless. Coming from a Christian background myself, this does not conflict with the bible from what I find after much research and ‘unlearning’. I posted a link from Ryan McCinty above which I highly recommend, but here a few documentaries that bring these beings into perspective from a biblical point of view. Of course everyone is entitled to believe what they want. I just wanted to share with you personally, that it does not shake my faith, at all!
    Age of deceit: Fallen Angels & the NWO
    Chuck Missler: Return of the Nephilim
    1 Corinthians 15:40
    There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.
    God Bless & Good Luck my friend! Strange times ahead.
  • jordan stevens: I was taken aboard. My neighbor, a non believer observed it from 25 feet way. On board I asked them why they were here. They indulged me with a detailed explanation as well as a 3d movie of sorts. If you are a Christian you might have trouble with some of the information. Hint they are not demons. They are a lot like us only way more advanced. They were not deceptive as the information they gave me matches the scientific data whereas all other contactees do not. It’s all lies, everything. It’s not that Christ isn’t real. The story in the new testament is mostly correct. It’s just that the ET s played a big roll behind the scenes. People tell me they are lying, but I really don’t think so.
    Are they evil? Let’s put it this way. If you are not a chosen specimen, then you better be afraid. If you are, then you will have it very good real soon. I personally find them to be performing a necessary function. Also, yes humans are multi dimensional too so we are also somewhat immortal. This human container was modified to contain what you might call the soul and then force the being to forget where he came from. They call this their real self and this world like a virtual reality.
    I am a Christian too. I pray all the time. But I have a different take on the whole thing. Perhaps its better for most Christians not to know and just go on believing they are demons. It’s not true, but the truth is too much for the average person.
  • hammer: Hello Christian,
    You are a person after my own heart. You are probably the type of guy to find a fifty dollar bill on the ground that was lost from a banker`s chump-change Portmonie. Class differences aside, you described in a few words what I took a whole article to try and deascribe, and I wasn`t able to say what you just said. "I always look up as I check out my entire environment unlike most people." Thank you Christian. You just said in fourteen words what I couldn`t say in a whole blog. To my mind, you are for sure awake and aware. In my experience, I have seen more things that were not of this world, than anything that we think we could be experienceing through television and media. The faster time goes by, the sooner we will be experiencing these things. They have shown themselves for hundreds of years, with many years in between. Now it has accelerated. But your description is very much like my last UFO encounter. It was in the Tempelhof district in Berlin at about three AM. I was on my balcony and my girlfriend was reading some sort of magazine. All of a sudden, a blazing bright light like a diamond appeared from over the five story roof tops of the apartment buildings accross the street. It rose like a helicopter, which is what I thought it was at first, but totally unshaking, silent, and with no warning lights. I called Susanne to come look at it. She was drying her nails and didn`t move. The poor girl died last year because she wasn`t aware that she had to take responsibility for her diabetes. I observed the light and it moved slowly to my left after hovering for about five minutes in front of me. I really did think it knew I was watching it. After moving for about a quarter of a mile to the left and hanging silently in the air,it suddenlly made a bee-line in the direction of Tempelhof Airport, the old Luftwafe and Knights Templar training ground. I couldn`t see beyond the apartment buildings behind me, but I know where Tempelhof Airport is, was. It is an ancient site, full of war training and underground tunnels and occult symbolisym. It`s no coincedence that occult symbols were engraved on the "object" of the Bell Project by the Nazis. I know I`m giving you a lot of food for thought. I hope you don`t get stuffed. But there is so much that we don`t know but that we are partly aware of. And yes, I do think they, whoever "they" are, can read our thoughts and therefore, can make a show for us in the skies. Thank you so much Christian for your comments and I hope you keep us informed of your experiences.
  • christian: Sarah and Jordan, I appreciate your comments. And Hammer, I appreciate the kind words. I’m pretty well versed in the topics you’ve brought up Hammer so it’s not too much info for me and I appreciate it. It’s pretty hard to research any one of these topics and not come across the others. Sarah, I’m not sure if you know of Chuck Missler’s ties to Freemasonry and the NWO. It makes it difficult to trust anything these guys say b/c it’s loaded w/ disinformation (even as he states as I’m watching the video right now). Interesting how he talks about the UFO sighting in AZ being released by the major news sources months after the occurrence on 6/18/97. Big masonry and baphomet numbers (6/18 or 18 divided by 6 gets you 3 which they love and of course 18 divided by 3 gets you 3 6’s). Jordan, the evil one is a tricky **** and getting you to perceive that you were taken aboard a craft to shake your faith isn’t beyond his abilities. We know he was given dominion over this earth to separate the wheat from the chaff. I heard of our existence put to interesting terms once - trying to comprehend our existence is like a cartoon character trying to comprehend his. Something wicked this way comes and I’m pretty certain the increase in sightings has something to do w/ it. God will prevail in the end.
  • hammer: Hi Christian,
    Sarah and Jordan, two very biblical references by the way, are two very awake and aware people. I was just impressed with your analogy of us trying to compare our existence with a cartoon character trying to comprehend his. Brilliant stuff Christian. Thank you.
  • Jordan Stevens: Christian wrote something to the effect:
    "The evil one will take you aboard the craft to shake your faith"
    Honestly, the experience I had on board had the opposite effect. I never thought much of Christ and I wasn’t a Christian before and I would have totally gone into New Age beliefs and eventually become atheist had I not had this experience. I am a skeptical person by nature. I think a lot like Bill Maher. I think most people live in a sort of fantasy world, irregardless of what they beleive. They do this out of necessity, because life is too painful. When religion acts as a drug, is it really a sincere change in the person?
    The ETs showed me scientifically speaking why Christ was the redeamer of the world and could be a spiritual savior if you got that far in your understanding. But praying and accepting him is no guarentee any change occurred at all. I got to understand the ins and outs of this, really in the hour or so of my encounter with them. In Christian words, I have become as one who knows with authority and not with faith.
    It would take more time than I have to write a book about how this is so, or how it really works and I could not touch upon it in this and even a book would not convey the right meaning of the experience, because it was telepathic and it was projected using this projector the ETs have that is nothing like anything we are close to having, because it projects volumes of information and so on. Oh yeah, if I wrote the book, people would crucify me and probably someone would shoot me.
    How do I know my experience were real? Well, 7 years of study at the university in physics, pscyhology, history and engineering. 20+ years of life experience. Getting baptised, feeling the Holy Spirit and so on. Combining all that information I get it, but I am painfully alone.
    I go to church. But I have a totally different understanding than everyone in the congregration. I can use the same words they use and it has a totally different meaning. Words are poor describers of reality and this is why the ETs don’t speak. Language is an abomination, to use a biblical term, buts its all most people have.
    What I came to the conclusion is that people can handle as much as they can handle. When it becomes too much, they stop and simplify reality to a point where it is comfortable for them. I would say everyone has 1% of the truth in their head. If they all came together they would have 100%, but their brains would explode (figuratively speaking.) Intuition is therefore closer to reality than words.
    So in that sense when anyone says they have the whole truth or the real truth I know they are deceiving themselves and trying to unknowingly deceive me (That’s Satan if you want to know the truth!) The ETs were at least honest. They never proceeded what they said as saying this is the truth. It was more like, we are going to show you some things and do with it what you may. They did not tell me theories. They showed me events in the history of the world, both in the past and in the future. That to me is more Christ-like than anything I experienced on this world. That to me could not have been more honest.
    Oh yeah, I would rather be with them back aboard that ship than here on this world. I compare that feeling everyday of my life. Trust me, my friend, we are already in hell and its called planet Earth. But no pain, no gain, right?
  • Lbndhr: I held my sister as that life energy left her. I’ve seen more u.f.os then most peopl, but I must add I look up and outward most the time. I think most people are to busy to pay attention so they will believe their government or church leader, parent, most people let others choose their beliefs.I’m not sure if u.f.o is good and our bad, I thoroughly and deeply believe their is life existing right outside our views
  • christina Cooper: My name is Christina Cooper. On the night of Dec.31st 2008 my friend and I had a very close encounter with a ufo near warrensburg, Mo. When I got out of the vehicle something put me in a trance and I stood there for about ten minutes while my friend was crying and begging me to get back in the van. I have read about twenty books on them since and have came to the conclusion that they must be demons. I used to be an atheist and at the time of the sighting I was reading my bible and getting close to God.
  • hammer: Hi Christina,
    You mention in your comment that your "very close encounter" with a UFO occurred near the town of Warrensburg, Missouri, where Mitt Romney`s religion believes in which state the "New Jerusalem" will be ***** for Jesus Christ to reign from. Who knows? Anything is possible according to quantum physics. "All options are on the table" according to geo-political diplomacy, current as well as ancient. It just goes to show the reason why history is so important. Times change but people don`t. But I think your gut reaction, or maybe even more exactly put in esoteric terms would be, your heart felt reaction to your experience goes right to the matter. Because of your experience you came to the conclusion that these UFO entities were demons. Those were your feelings. You also said you had been an atheist, but at the time of your experience you had been reading the Bible and getting close to God. In other words, you had been transmitting thoughts via the Ether or spirit principle, and in my opinion, your thoughts were being picked up or received by intelligences capable of tuning in to those thoughts and feelings. I know I`m going into the esoteric realm, or as my ex girlfriend used to call it, "hocus pocus", but I think it is relevant at least as far as my own experience has shown me. I don`t want to turn this into a whole article so I`ll cut to the chase. I believe, through my own experiences, that there are higher or at least more technologically advanced beings out there who have a great interest in us humans. I believe there are some that we would consider "evil" and some we would consider "good". In other words,as the Hermetic Philosophy would say, "as above, so below". An example being: what is manifest in the universe is also manifest in our bodies or subatomic particles. I myself have had encounters with what I can only call alien beings which terrified me. I have also had encounters that have calmed my soul and body with love and reasurrance and have literally saved my ****. After a life filled with such encounters, as long as I can remember, I`ve come to the conclusion that what the media tells us are nothing more than little grey beings from Mars or somewhere far off in another galaxy, are what I prefer to refer to as just being alien from us human beings, and that they may very well be "cryptoterrestrials" who have been inhabiting planet Earth for maybe much longer than human beings have. But I for one don`t pretend to know. At this point in my life I can only say that in my reality such beings do exist and there seems to be a connection between their science and technology and our esoteric traditions including that which is to be found in the Bible. As it says in the Bible,"knock and the door shall be opened". You just better be careful who you open your door for. Thank you for your comments Christina.
    Best regards,
    you wouldn`t be related to Curtis Niles Cooper the math professor at the University of Central Missouri would you? My father was from Missouri and I found it a beautiful state. There is also Whitefield Air Force Base close by, and the term "man`s best friend" was coined in a speech given by George Vest about a dog named, "Old Drum" in which damages were sought for the killing of "Old Drum" or "man`s best friend".
  • Phinikas: Greetings in peace, Hammer. Is this still a viable thread?
  • hammer: Hi Phinkas,
    as far as I know, yes it is. Thanks for wasking.
  • Phinikas: You’re welcome, Hammer. Thanks for responding.
  • Jennifer: I just had to respond to this site, I wish someone out there would be able to understand and relate to what im going through, i just need to talk to someone who’s been going through alien experiences. I talk to very few people about, because people will label you. Anyways, I am an abductee, I wake up many times with lost hours of time, sometimes 3 hours, and I’m totally freaked out,
    I can share with people a lot about my experiences with the aliens.
    Here are some things in my encounter:
    -(first of all, my grandfather had a face to face alien encounter when he was 18 in the woods with his buddy, ever since then, he and my grandma before they passed away had ufos follow them on the highway sometimes) he thinks it may be the same alien that saw him when he was younger, anyways thats just a bit of backround information.
    Some things I can share forsure about what I’ve encountered:
    -It usually happens (my abduction,) during the night when im asleep, but sometimes happens during the day, I’ll randomly get tired (it always happens when my sis and her boyfriend arent home), and I’ll just pass out for a good few hours, I’ll wake up disalusioned and freaked out because I know I had just been taken somewhere
    -*One thing I know forsure is they erase your memory. (Sometimes you still remember it faintly or at least realize you were gone).
    -I wake up with bruises on my body, always on my arms or legs.
    -I will wake up with what looks like large claw marks going across my whole stomache, I wake up with them on my arms (which make me look like an emo kid), The claw marks are sometimes long, and there’s usually a few of them.
    -(I recently about a week ago, woke up with a piece of what looked similar to glass inplaneted in my hand, but they didn’t get it in all the way I guess because it was sticking out, so I ripped it out -about the size of a grain of rice, I still have the mark on my hand.)
    -They’ve changed my eyes to make me more like them, my eyes change now from normal pupils to thinner black pupil almost like a slit, it changes on me randomly sometimes.
    -They’re trying to inject us abductees with things to make us more like them and make a hybrid race.
    -*I can’t emphasize enough, they erase your memory after.
    -In my personal encounters they haven’t treated me that badly in fact I think the marks are from the experiements and not from abuse.
    -This past summer I was brought deep into space, and when they brought me back to earth we were travelling light year speed and I woke up with a jolt of lighning and had energy for the next few days like never before, I felt enlightened, my memory was erased, but I had a strong sense that I was told my family need my help more around the apartment getting ready for us to move and to take that leadership role (my mom was still quite sick with cancer).
    -They’ve sometimes come right into my aparment, they are sometimes accompanied by government officials in black suits. (the people they like to use are usually really healthy, they’re caring people and they usually have some alien dna in them to begin with, from what I’ve come to think is the more alien realted you are to them, the better they treat you on your experience with them in their ‘ufo.’
    -From a recent experience near the end of 2012, they came into my room, I had passed out and set an alarm but my alarm had somehow been set off and I looked at my phone wondering why it didn’t go off from my nap, I knew I had to go downstairs to help my bro who lives in the same apartment. I tried leaving my room but they and the government officials who knew me, as if I was a regular one of their people to use, grabbed me, I disctinctly remember trying to open my bedroom door and get out of my unit to help my bro but they pulled me back in so I cooperated because there were humans with them so it made me trust them more. -The aliens brought me back to my bed, and they probed me which made it so I couldn’t move my arms or legs even if I tried so I gave up and cooperated. It looked like a futuristic white thing with blue on the end, (the only thing I can think of to compare it to, is one of those massage *****, a white one), and they literally scanned this over my body starting at my head and it hurt a lot as they scanned it over my whole body.
    -Sometimes, they like to use their abductee for a whole week in a row for what ever reason, sometimes they just like to use me for three days in a row, but the more alien the make you the better your exoeriences are going to be, and unfortunetly when you go to have kids they will want to use them too.
    -Sometimes shortly before I wake up from it, I can feel the UFO hovering in circles over and over again, then when I get up I can’t even walk straight.
    -They usually don’t come right into the persons home and would rather bring you right to their ufo. When you are brought up, it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or house, they are able with their advanced technology to bring you to their ship.
    -Not usually but sometimes they get people from the same area of where ever if its a bigger ship and you’ll see a bunch of other humans who are obediently cooperating, but were the "regulars" so we know the drill, we usually each have our own ’stall’ to go change in and take of all of our clothes.
    -Sometimes when I wake up I am on the other side of my bed, they usually bring you back the same direction you were sleeping, but on occasion they mess up.
    -They can implant fake memories and bring fake dreams to you, so brainwashing you.
    -Sometimes you sign with them when your very young, and then your on their "list" but you don’t remember signing because your memory is erased.
    -These alien beings are sometimes associated with other beings that happen here on earth in different dimensions which is kept from us because it is ‘top secret’
    -there is a parallel earth, its not the moon and not mars from what I remember, but just another planet just like ours with civilization years ahead, it is not another version or replica of us so we don’t have body doubles on another planet, but there are some humans from earth who have been brought to live on their planet.
    -They like to inspire people and encourage people, they sometimes inplant dreams, mine at least take place in the future, and these humans who ive never met before who know me give me some really deep advice about my life.
    -Last year in 2012 when I had the experience where I was probed, I woke up with a note in my drawer, I knew I had to go to the drawer to write a letter to my friend and saw a note, (there were grey fingerprint markings left on it.) -the note had a "secret recipe" for me to cook, it was a desert dish (I had been going to the hospital a few times earlier that month from some medical problems ; my period had gone on 22 days, and my gull bladder was filled with too much oil). I did end up cooking the dish and it tasted great, but the end of the note said something that freaked me out son I will not write it here for my safety.
    -The more innocent, spiritually holy, young in your heart and cooperative you are, the better your experience will be.
    -They have taken nutrients from my body and as a result I will feel lethargic for a few days (I’ve also had extremly low iron for about 5 years now and its so incredibly low I can’t believe it, its taken me about 2 years to get it from 12 to 28 -and its suppose to be at about 200 for my age, im not sure if my low iron is a result from the alien enocunters)
    -if you are good with them, they’ll take you to their planet, there are aircrafts flying everywhere, they have cameras everywhere and very high tech, and they’ll give you a fun experience.
    -They like to help out the abductees on earth (they will monitor with out you realizing, they have spies on earth helping out with monitoring the abductees, your life will literally be changed, on a regular basis I will get what at first I thought was prank calls but all I hear are alien sounds and it’ll go on for a few minutes and then they hang up, its always from an "unknown number." What I’ve realized from these calls is that they’re trying to communicate to me in their home tongue language, obviously to our ears it sounds scrary, but they would rather talk in their own language.
    -I’ve gotten text messages asking me to call another number in the text, but I didnt because it scared me too much.
    -They like to make their abductees more advanced, more powerful, I have extremly good eye sight since I was little, I am on the computer a lot and never need glasses
    -I’m also able to see into the future sometimes, sometimes I dream about something and then it happens.
    -They are nicer to women. , Most of my encounters they have treated me better because of my gender.
    -Dont be surprised if you have pets if they’ll be "changed too"
    -And last but not least dont go looking for trouble, I wouldnt wander into the woods looking for an alien, but if they’re going to take you in your sleep let them because u have no control and its for a specific purpose, you never know what youll get from it and where your dreams may lead...
    -Dont hesitate to contact me,
    my name is Jennifer.
  • hammer: Dear Jennifer,
    I will contact you. Many of your experiences and feelings are very much the same as mine. When I first started writing for True Ufo, I decided to conduct an experiment to see if I could "mentally" contact aliens. I set up a video camera in my bedroom, just in case they responded to me while I was sleeping, or just lying awake in bed after trying to contact them. Well, what really happened was, I was getting mental pictures of grey colored, typical aliens that everyone has seen. But it so un-nerved and I have to admit, frieghtened me, that I stopped the experiment. To tell you the truth, it felt to me as though I was using "magick", in the evocation of demons. I think you words are totally true, and I will ask an aquaintence of mine about your case. He came to my attention because his story so paralell to mine, that I had to write to him. Since then, we have been in contact. Please continue to view our website. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I know how it feels to be "labelled". But there are so many of us out there who have experienced such things as you describe, but are afraid to talk about them. But that is why this website is here. There is no longer any doubt that UFOs exist. The only questions remaining are, who are they, where do they come from, and why they are here. Those are the same questions human beings ask themselves. That is if they are not too drugged out,too stupid, and watch television. Thank you Jennifer for your most interesting and well written post. Best Regards,
  • phinikas: When I first started having my experiences with those of another reality, it became quite apparent that I was going to the only one allowed to see them at first. Here are two examples:
    1. My brother was visiting two days after I saw the first UFO(it appeared to be a black sphere - I found out later it was dark gold with a red band across the middle). Anyway, I was pointing to the area of the sky where I saw it, and exactly at that moment I noticed a silver or gray object emerge from a perfect circle of fog. It passed over the house so quickly that my brother did not have time to come outside and see it for himself, even though that first UFO was followed in short order by a second identical craft! He was inside the house looking out toward the patio, and I was in the patio looking back toward the house, so that’s why he couldn’t get out in time to see them. Plus I think he thought I was joking or something, and he didn’t move fast enough.
    2. I saw a white circular disk in the sky, and while I was following it with my binoculars, two UFOs with a passing resemblance to the Star Trek Enterprise came out from behind the clouds. One was red and the other silver. I called someone so they could verify what I was seeing, and in the fraction of a second it took me to look down for my phone, the UFOs were gone. In other words, only for me. No one else. They seem to have the ability to do that.
    However, later I was with someone when we saw two white disks exactly in appearance to the one I saw the previous year. (Oh, by the way, you can see that same disk on Youtube. Type in keywords London, mothership, june 24. Please note there are two different videos. One has the Tower Bridge in the background; the other is taken in downtown London. This video will show people in downtown London. You will see a white disk that appears to change shape. This is exactly what I saw. It’s got a black area in the center, but only on one side. There are spokes as well, but not like a bike where there is space between the spokes. The spokes are part of the solid black area. In my opinion, this is a bona fide video of what I call the negative alien presence.)
    In closing, I think Jade has it right when she says that they are looking for some kind of ability or trait. Not exactly sure what that is, but after I refused to cooperate with them they left me alone.
    PS - These are not the Greys.
  • hammer: Dear Phinikas,
    There are more things above and below heaven and earth than we can imagine in our philosophy, as Shakespear, or whoever wrote that said.But I am expanding on that statement.
    I for one will tell you that looking far down the rabbit hole is not a
    pretty picture. It will turn some people`s hair gray. If you don`t have a strong constitution, don`t go there.I just happened to be one who has had these experiences since I was a young child. I think I know how to deal with them. As Albert Pike wrote, Lucifer is God and unfortunately, so is Adonai. Unfortunately? For whom? You can see a statue of Albert Pike in Washington D.C. With all the involvement of the US government with UFOs and their inhabitants, I am convinced that these things are not human and not from the God of our Fathers. Anyway, you see what is going on around you. Need you question any further who is behind all this destruction going on on our planet? This is not just a literal war we are having on this planet. It is a spiritual war.They have gotten us so consumed with consummerism and hedonism, that our spiritual side has withered away. I know. I`ve been there. We have been indocrinated since the film, "The Day The Earth Stood Still". I think we will see, in our lifetime, the entrance of UFOs. But I will not be fooled.
  • Phinikas: Thank you for the comment, Hammer. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
    - Hamlet (Act 1, Scene 5), Hamlet to Horatio
    I agree that ‘looking down the rabbit hole is not a pretty picture’. I advise against it. I am pretty sure Jade was asking the same thing in a different blog. I will say it again. Do not investigate UFOs unless you are sure you can be at peace with what you find. I am not yet at peace with what I found, and that was over 7 years ago.
    There are no positive ET on this planet. None. I agree with you Hammer in that I will not be fooled as well. But I have learned not to engage them. I am nowhere near as wise as they. I don’t have a chance against them. That’s why I do not mess with them anymore.
    As to why some can see them and some can’t, I don’t have a definitive answer, other than to forward my theory that some people have some kind of ability or trait that is seen as desirable by the dark forces. It is not a compliment. Stay away from them.
  • Pb: I understand your concern about aliens possibly taking over Earth. But a civilation that could travel lightyears from Earth. Why would they bother infiltrate our society when they probably woult take over this planet with ease. I would compare it with stoneage warriors meet sas or delta force from today. Seems like overkill to me. Just a respectfull question...
  • Phinikas: Hello Pb!
    Thanks for the question - it’s my favorite one. "Since they haven’t taken us over, they must be friendly", is the basic refrain I hear over and over.
    The reality is that they’re not allowed to invade us military-style. There is more than one reason for this, but basically if they even attempted to do that, then positive ET would descend upon the planet and dispatch them in short order.
    So they are left with infiltration, persuasion, and deception.
    Thanks again for the question, Pb!
    Peace and Liberty,
  • Lisa: My girlfriend and I met at an obscure place years ago and saw something in the sky that could not be any plane, helicopter or anything that we have ever seen. We both finally nodded our heads, got in our cars and left. Within two weeks, my friend was dead. I feel that it was alien aircraft. Her family buried her before telling me about the death...but the night she died I said that I felt she was dead. Then it was a car accident with internal injuries, but no one could tell me anything more. I know there is more to this...yet I cannot prove it.
  • Christian: Hey Hammer, I haven’t "check in" in a while and have just been reading over the blog to catch up. I must say I agree with just about everything you say and appreciate how you express yourself. The references you bring up are interesting and it’s nice to know there are intelligent and considerate people out there. Most of the intelligent people i know waste their abilities on what the PTB have pigeon holed them into - mostly making money and buying things. Golden bars for their bird cages. The more I think about it the more I agree with what Icke says about these alien beings - they farm us to feed off the energy we generate when we are expressing negative, low density, emotions. It sure explains a lot. Sometimes I feel like I’m a cow in a stall next to another cow trying to explain what it is that’s happening to us. The cow next to me just moos - "What are you gong on about? We’re being fed 3 squares and we’re taken care of. Life is great." The truth is, we all depend on money, the root of all evil. We can’t take care of ourselves and live off the grid any more. We’re slaves to civilization and they’re hoarding us into cities like sheep in a pen. The noose is tightening and the only thing you can do is wait it out and hope for the best. We could use our Savior and hopefully we won’t be fooled by false prophets or false ETs ala project blue beam. It’s hard to believe anything any more. Question everything. Have you see the alien made from two Apple logos facing each other? Check it out and trip on it. Technology is disconnecting us from reality and each other. Divide and conquer. Dehumanize and disassociate. Don’t look around, just stare into your idiot - box, scene, tablet, future brain washing device. Cheerful aren’t I?
  • Nikki: I share in your fear... I’ve been seeing them a lot lately and the hardest part about it has been the realization that there are far scarier things in the world than the NSA and physical death.
  • steve: Interesting if not original. Your theory collapses however if there is no such thing as a soul. I held my fathers corpse but unlike you , i felt that he WAS his body and had ceased to exist . He hadnt departed his body and floated off elsewhwere; he was no more . I think you underestimate human beings ability to lie and decieve . People lie all the time and love hoaxing and wanting to be the centre of attention . Im not denying evil exists ,but im afraid its just a human phenomena.
    Politicians lie for a living ! However i do agree that ancient power cliques exist : call them the illuminati if you like , it doesnt matter , its just how things are . Wealth will always be concentrated in the hands of the few because the many wouldnt know what to do with it !
    Take the Jesus myth for example . Do you not think it more likely that a dominant race like the Roman Empire with all its power , wealth and technology could easily have engineered the whole thing to control disparate and unruly desert barbarians like The Jews ? Do you really think the Roman Empire really collapsed ? Or did it just morph into something else that now makes its presence felt today ? Roman emperors where Godlike 2000yrs ago. What you are seeing and feeling is the power not of beings from another world, but Godlike MEN very much of THIS world !
    Of course there are things flying about in the sky that ordinary men cant explain, they are incapable of grasping the TRUTH . They are MILITARY AIRCRAFT AND HIGHLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY!!
    Thats the pkain and simple truth my friend !
    If i where you , i would open my eyes and look around you . What you are seeing is psychopathic people NOT Greys . Worse still, the world is governed by wealthy powerful PSYCHOPATHS.
    Until we evolve to the point where this abberation has left the gene pool then im afraid we shall be bedevilled by their activity . Nobody needs to fly, nobody needs to escape the speed of light, nobody needs to go to war, nobody needs guns, nobody needs billions of dollars ! Who is it that decides we do !???? Think about it and the truth will dawn on you at last !
  • susan: Hi steve, just responding for Hammer, because, well, he died last November - and i do believe that he / we have a soul - whether or not we choose to actually believe in it, or use it, is completely up to us. life means nothing, or life means everything. hammer believed that it meant everything. I agree with Hammer. I will see him again one day. God Bless
  • steve: Hello Susan , im late in the day to this blog so im sorry to hear about Hammer, i didnt know .
    I suppose it could be said that a man does have a ‘ soul ‘ in the sense that he leaves traces of himself behind in the memory of others and in the works he does in life so Hammer does live on in this blog ! However , science has made huge strides in our understanding of nature and biology that evidence of a soul would have been discovered by now . It seems that we are merely brain chemistry. We are now living longer than ever before , but one of the biggest challenges we face is how to deal with corrosion of the personality as the body becomes unable to support it . Altziehmers disease is a terrible ‘ living death ‘ and is a side effect of better health care ! Isnt that ironic ! People are running their natural course in life yet we are keeping the body in alive beyond its capacity to give full manifestation to its host ! A
    If the soul existed we would be able to pinpoint it in the brain . We cant , so it doesnt and therefore remains a purely existential concept .
    I still maintain that most , if not all , the strange phenomenon you experience is manmade . Believing in Aliens , Demons ,Angels, Ghosts or UFOs to me is rather childish and a bit lazy : It allows people to subjugate their personal responsibilty to discover the truth about who they really are and is naturally very demanding as it implies opening your eyes to a world controlled by greedy psychopathic people ! This means you have a duty to stop them . Therefore its much easier to blame forces which are out of your control such as Aliens . Why not escape this mental ***** and see the world as it truly is . I promise you it is much more satisfying in the long run !
  • Missy B: I’ve seen ufo s’more times than I can count, only once with someone else with me. And I stopped telling people about it because they have never seen one and can’t conceive this. the one time I saw 3 with my husband they were glowing orange saucers that flew out into space. He compared to some secret gvmt project like the steath bomber and refuses to talk about it now.I have often wondered why I’ve had these and some other strange experience. It dawned on me that I can see them and feel them coming. I too had a cloud experience one night in my backyard there was this white circle within a little cloud going round in a circle for about 2 hours. I felt it wanted me to feel that it was a good entity. But I knew it wasn’t and just looked at it through the window. Felt a little crazy because I knew it was trying to trick me and get me to touch it. I now understand the game and that if you have a soul no one can take it.
  • dreamer: I keep seeing UFO’s every night. One night in particular, I saw some strange obtuse object, like a large vulture, but I could only partly see it since I noticed that it had some form of silhouette. Keep in mind that this was from 9 to 10pm at night and it had no noise. I was pretty afraid, and very curious. it was the size a fairly large kite. I am being honest, ever since then ive been watching the sky every night. I also see stars moving across the sky very often every night. I am just so eager for them to come closer for me to see them, like that one incident I had seen before. I may have also seen an alien while I was very young, I can’t say for sure. But it was when I was at my grandparents house and this occured past midnight, 3am’ish. I was crying for some reason, I remember feeling a little afraid but not sure of what. While my grandmother was carrying me downstairs during that night, I remember seeing a glowing person... my grandmother didn’t seem to notice it, but we just walked right by it. Everytime I mention this little story of mine about the glowing person, I feel like they’re watching me.. I get shivers everytime I talk about it. Even as I type, I get the chills as if they are watching me. I also believe that I have some form of telepathy, I am also very good with animals.. hehe.
  • dreamer: as for souls, I think that vessel idea may be correct. I definitely feel as if there is a different between my body and soul.I feel like I can actually travel beyond my own body, especially when I am asleep. Thats why even though I know doing good deeds may not grant a physical reward, I always get this sense in my hear that somewhere... im being rewarded, but it feels like the reward is being added upon my soul. I guess you can say its the feeling of karma. I don’t really care what you guys think, but this is just what im feelin. I am Buddhist/Catholic/not too sure, I follow what feels right in my heart.
  • Paul Shishis: I further understand to confirm that humans are not on top of the food chain of intelligence *
    Business as usual
  • jollygreen: I’m sick of sceptics saying UFOs don’t exist. Prime example take myself and let’s say a fireman a school teacher and the ice cream man, all see Mr black shoot Mr white guess what? Mr black gets the chair. It amazes me how a person can be sentenced to death row on the eyewitness account, but if the same group of eyewitnesses report a UFO sighting they’re ridiculed, even worse labeled as untrained observers, So it seems to me that every one convicted on eyewitness testimony should be released. Now I wish to inform you that IVE SEEN A UFO up close, and aabsolutely no one can tell me any different. And just in case you’re wondering who I am? I’m your local emergency room physician, I wonder would you trust my lieing eyes to perform surgery on you Mr sceptic ???
  • jollygreen: Just to clarify my sighting I had just performed surgery on a young woman with severe head trauma from a auto accident, thank god she survived. As I always do I went to the hospital rooftop cafeteria and through the treeline I noticed a object moving in a northerly direction My first thought was a model plane but soon after clearing the trees I saw what appeared to be a dull matalic oval shape object moving ever so slowly until it came to a complete stop. I remember every second of that moment. Every since My life has been separated into two parts, before and after my sighting. To continue, as it remained motionless my well educated brain suddenly was awash with not understanding what I was actually seeing. Like a computer trying to process unattainable information, at the same time ruleing out all the possible logical explanation’s . the sky was grey the object was just a shade darker, not shiney but dull blending in to the sky itself. NO SOUND it just hovered for about a minute judgeing from the distance it was the size of a simi truck tire. Maybe a bit larger, it was amazing to see. It had no sharp edges that I could see and it was possibly 50 yards away from the building directly in front in me, which I was on the top floor. And suddenly it shot off into infinity AMAZING. My thought was it had to be a alien probe because of the size. But what do ino I’m only a physician who saves lives every day.
  • dave: I’m a practicing physician I save lives I also saw what clearly appeared to be a solid flying disc, skeptics may say they don’t exist but until I’ve seen one for yourself you will understand that in fact they are definitely real. Absalutly nothing we have or created on earth can possibly hover then move at the blink of an eye the way this object did. Classic disc shape no sound, I pitty those of you who has not seen one for yourself because once you have you will understand that seeing is truly believing. Just to add a comment to the skeptics I save lives every day in the surgical room, would you trust a doctor who witnessed a real UFO? just a thought .
  • arron559: I’ve seen UFOs on many occasions, and I like many others are ridiculed and laughed at. So the only way to make believers of the unbelievers is to wait and hope the day finally comes when a UFO actually crashes, or lands, in broad daylight for all to see. And until that happens this futile debate will never end. I myself was a sceptic until I clearly witnessed with my own eyes a UFO I was shocked amazed baffled and speechless I consider myself very fortunate to have stood witness to the event, it’s a travisty to know that our government and World leaders have surpressed the truth from mankind
  • Lisa: I believe that humans are being harvested for energy or souls so to speak. I think that only the best are harvested and the others are left to haunt the earth with their misery.
  • Matthew Staben: This thread still lives! But I haven’t seen a UFO.
    I wait at night, looking upwards. Every twinkling light is a possible alien or other unknown entity that we are unaware of, watching us, abducting some, experimenting on our food sources, running the government, spreading propaganda and weird, are they fake perhaps, youtube videos of beheadings. We are prime subjects for mind control ...
    Carry on!
  • Phinikas: Greetings, arron559!
    Why do some people see UFOs? Some people are meant to see them and perhaps some are incidental to the person meant to see them. But I hope nothing ever ‘accidentally’ or otherwise crashes in full public view until we as a planet are ready. Otherwise, it will mean the collapse of our civilization as we know it. It will be too much information much too soon and we simply cannot handle it. World-wide slavery would be the result. Thanks for the comment.
    @Lisa - I have witnessed something about what you are saying. In person. It is for the negative energy we produce. Therefore, if we cease to produce it, the negative ET will cease to be here. Thanks for the comment.
    @Matthew Staben - I have witnessed machines used for mind control. Thanks for reminding me to witness my mind.
  • AnonymousGlitch: "Enough Said Here too".
  • yes: I think you should step back a notch or two from what you are saying. You seem to be caught up in the ‘to hell in a handbasket theory’.
    First of all. Not all aliens are bad. If you had an experience you aren’t happy about don’t assume the worst for all of them. You may have heard about government collusions with some alien societies as you mention but they are a small pebble in the bucket.
    Personally I feel lucky that I had a positive experience when I was young and have read many fascinating channellings from alien societies visiting us.
    Don’t worry about if people believe you or not. There are many intelligent people out there that haven’t had enough experience in an area to go there right now. It doesn’t mean they should be lumped in with your generalizations.
    Have you considered hypnotherapy? Perhaps you may shed light on your experience with the dark cloud to see if something more went on there.
  • ben: UFOs are demons I’ve been told that only nonbelievers see UFOs and aliens but I am also a believer of God and Jesus and I seen demons but I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and now they only piss me off they don’t scare me!!!
  • Sam: You’re an idiot.
  • ben: **** you ****!!!!!!!!!you u better be scared cus your going to hell!!!!
  • Ben Baca: and your a **** sam hahaha your going to hell and the devil is going to f* you with a ten foot pole
  • Matthew Staben: I don’t believe in ghosts, either. My explanation is simple:
    There’s too many dead people, and not enough ghosts! (c) Matt Staben

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