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rogelio carmona

I think they came here on earth because of the nuclur explosion and to see what are we humans doing what do think correct me if am wrong.

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I think there have been sightings of UFOs before the nuclear bomb was downed. No?

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Yes! UFOs have been here since recorded history. There are Mega-Lithic structers all over the world that man did not make, as many of them were built before the end of the last Ice Age. There is an area, close to the City of the Sun in Mexico, that has received little attention untill recently. It is very significant, because the stone working could n ot have been done with the tools Humans possesed, at the time. There are also huge stones that weigh an estimated 800 tons that have been brought there and polished. These stones are not Sandstone, they are Granite and Diurite, which is next to diamond in hardness. The cutting, transporting, polishing and drilling of these Stones requires a lot of technology. Some type of Diamond cutting tools of Lasers woul;d have had to have been used. Prove it to yourself. Call History.com, tell them what you want, they have more than one Video of these Worked Stones, and seeing is believing. Every day our general use, Video Cams improve. Eventually, they will have Video-Cams, that are fast enough to take close up Videos of Aircraft\UFOs at night, while using a powerfull Zoom Lens. If you watch the History channel or UFO Hunter, you will see many Videos of UFOs at night. Todays general use VideoCams don't work well at this. There are 3 problems, shaking, focusing and lenses that work well for normal use, but these lenses do not focus all colors of light at the same place on the Video chip. The result is usually a blob of light constantly changing size as the auto-focus tries to do it's job, and as it does, the colors change all the time. Why is the Camera thingy important? Because we often see UFOs, at night, some where up in the Sky, and we need photographic evidence and with the average camera, unless one sets down on your lawn, you don't have a very good chance of coming up with anything really usefull. Our Govt. has plenty of pics and videos, one was by an Astronaut at Area 51, sent out on a runway to photograph a plane, as they went out a Flying Saucer came down, lowered tricycle gear and landed for a few moments, then flew off. They took many pics and videos and turned them in but never heard anything of them again. There are several reasons that the Govt. doesn't tell all. Panic, because so many people believe in Gods/Sky Fairies, and how ill the populace react when they learn that Humans are NOT the TOP Species on this world. The progression goes like this, Chimpanzees, Bonobos Apes, Humans and another Highly technical race that had a hand in our Evolution. This Race, may have evolved on Mars. The Beauty of getting interested in the UFO Thingy is you, learn about so many things Archeology, Evolution, Astronomy, Space Travel and Field Propulsion, to name a few. I don't feel they will come up out of our Oceans, where many live, and become our friends and pals. That will probably happen about as soon as humans teaching Bonobos Apes to fly 747s. I believe that our Progenators, evolved on Mars, as Mars cooled about 2 billion years before Earth was habitable. That would have given them enough time. Think about that? They could easily be tens of millions of years beyind us evolutionarily. I'm sure that you've noticed that Science has expanded expotentially, in the last one hundred years. Where will Science go in the next one million years, if we survive? I also believe, at least for the moment, that the Others, came here long ago, by using Rocketships, and then have purchased or stolen the UFO technology. This would account for many wrecks. If and when we ever find out the truth, I think we will be amazed at how complex the picture is. Today we see Craft shapped like Giant Triangles many have been photographed, some as big as a mile or more wide. Others have reported from England of seeing a bright glowing yellow Cigar shaped object that appeared as much as a mile long, he is an airline pilot and his passengers also saw it. The X Govenor of Nevada, said the he didn't know what the lights were, but he saw a Triangle shaped craft that was over a mile wide. Now if we just has better cameras, and take heart we will.

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