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  • In Anomaly Blog - UK Government Recruits X-Files Type FBI Agents To Solve UFO MysteryDue to the rise in the amounts of claims of UfO sitings, the UK government enlisted the help of special Mulder and scully style FBI angents.

Something’s occurring and straining credulity! Something’s occurring - to pretend is futility! Conditions are global; it happens, remember, to folks too disparate to fake it - trans-gender! I know some myself. Honest folk, most convincing... ...reporting they’re TAKEN and TIME has gone *missing*.

  • Real UFO posted New Zealand UFO Footage, 1978, filmed by an Australian television crew.
  • Bob Johnson from Black Holes and Astro Stuff wrote all about A Swarming Taurid Meteor and about Leonids Meteor Shower And I missed both. That will teach me not to check his blog out every week...anyway he also has a couple of great links to see the showers.
  • Last but in no way least, Dry wind posted: Strange Localities - Why Supernatural and UFO Phenomena is Regional
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  • Bob: Thanks for the link back, you have a cool blog here.
  • Marilyn: Thanks so much! and likewise :-)
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