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The Virus Which Has No Name, Part III - "The Virus" and ET by Phinikas
(Before continuing, please allow me to explain a little bit about my experiences regarding conversing with a being from another reality. Talking with negative ET is not like talking with a human on Earth. It is similar, yet it is completely ...
The Virus Which Has No Name, Part II - Strange Directions by Phinikas
If you could go back to Pioneer times with our modern medicine, some of the things we would tell them would no doubt seem strange to them. How would getting into a little moving tube do anything? We would have some trouble explaining an MRI ...

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I seen 3 coloured ones I was a boy in the 60s .about 6am in the mornings. I had the fealing that I was beaning watched. Thay stood about 1 foot high.thay moved left then right as if thay ...
by Mark - 2 days ago
I seen a small hub cap looking discuss object with windows around the top half. It flew between the back of a semi in front of my car, like a bird does. I always follow the birds to see if ...
by tom - 6 days ago
I never heard of this. Can you share the details you know?
by jade - 1 week ago
bend and worm hole I agree .
by quantum jumper - 2 weeks ago
you don't want to know about UFOs and aliens they are demons
by ben - 2 weeks ago
Did it make and weird muffled like humming sounds?
by Shawn - 2 weeks ago
What caused the big bang to occur?
by lmaothisguyrn - 2 weeks ago
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