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Official Admission About ET Will Cause World-wide Riots - Really? Yes, Really. Part I by Phinikas
As the story goes, the government doesn't want to tell the world about UFOs is because it would cause global panic, riots, and world-wide destruction. It seems a bit exaggerated from a certain perspective. Come on. Just knowing the truth that ...
Why is time travel not realistic by Vale
Credit for this post goes to The Patrician. There are various different types of matter in the universe and laws that this matter abides by. There's the Planck Length, Antimatter, all that spoofy jazz, black holes and Wormholes (which at this ...

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Having studied this example very closely, I note that it is compromised of smaller entities quite bizarre in nature and very easy to see once you pause and look at the image. Also viewing ...
by UFO2gO - 23 hours ago
Having researched this for two years, I think I have dug some evidence up worthy of a proper review. All the images and video I have hosted are real, none CGI or stolen from some other ...
by UFO2gO - 23 hours ago
All good, its happening though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqLCeRxeAwE
by ufo2fgo - 23 hours ago
Your experience is the most similar experience I can find to what I experienced 2 nights in a row in the fall of 1996. I woke up in the middle of the night and a small red ship (about ...
by Kristina - 1 week ago
I need money. Who could I get it In my life? couse Nothing I do. No job no money why?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
by ur face - 2 weeks ago

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