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Why is time travel not realistic by Vale
Credit for this post goes to The Patrician. There are various different types of matter in the universe and laws that this matter abides by. There's the Planck Length, Antimatter, all that spoofy jazz, black holes and Wormholes (which at this ...
Aliens... or visitors from the future? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to c b waters. Time and space are nothing we can pinpoint. Eternity and infinity are around us and yet way beyond us. Certainly, beyond our current comprehension. It is far more likely that the future, as well as the ...
We're at War - Part I by Phinikas
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yes I am familiar with Dick St.Germain of the Monitor East Aerial phenomenon Research Center. I am 55 now and have been following this since I was 13.But does anyone know where in Prvidence ...
by John Martino - 3 days ago
True, but something is flying it!
by Tracee - 5 days ago
What UFO sights would you rank as the best ones for diss-information and intell gathering for the other side ?
by Greenman1 - 6 days ago
Weekend recon just got in. Looks like the Reptilians and the USG genetic troops may have lost the HAULIPI Mt. base in this last round. Large plant die off in key areas and some large craft ...
by Greenman1 - 6 days ago
Interesting.....where did you hear about them ?
by Greenman1 - 1 week ago
Ditto. I saw the objects on a YouTube post. Included, was the suggestion, something to the effect, "download the latest version of Google Earth and see it yourself." Well, I did, ...
by Steve - 1 week ago
Time is not an illusion. It is real. If time was an illusion then Humans would live forever until the end of the Universe. Time is just another factor in the Universe. The rate at which ...
by The Patrician - 1 week ago

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