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Official Admission About ET Will Cause World-wide Riots - Really? Yes, Really. Part I by Phinikas
As the story goes, the government doesn't want to tell the world about UFOs is because it would cause global panic, riots, and world-wide destruction. It seems a bit exaggerated from a certain perspective. Come on. Just knowing the truth that ...
Why is time travel not realistic by Vale
Credit for this post goes to The Patrician. There are various different types of matter in the universe and laws that this matter abides by. There's the Planck Length, Antimatter, all that spoofy jazz, black holes and Wormholes (which at this ...

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These are referred to as close encounters of the fourth kind. Some similarities are depicted in science fiction movies.
by Marra M - 2 days ago
Aliens are visiting us from the sky. Any wall to be built up there?
by Alien - 6 days ago
Aliens are our new friends, a possibility. They have got way more advance technology. If they have invented light years travelling. That kind of smartness does not require to enslave us. ...
by Alien - 6 days ago
A crop circle was discovered on a nearby field about 1 kilometer from these rock formations.
by Marra M - 1 week ago
T.H.M Cc/ N.S.Div. Went well little trouble bridging gap. Good meet meesage relay swift Parties stiil unsettled but managed. Tap con 1.5
by Greenman1 - 1 week ago
This theory plays on the fears of those who believe that technology can be use to carry such a plan.
by Marra M - 2 weeks ago
T.H.M/ N.S. Div. Barrier finaly broken Contact Made / Accepted Negotiation possible
by Greenman1 - 2 weeks ago

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