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Alien Picture Taken by Hikers in Bulgaria by spacegirl
This past weekend a picture surfaced out of Bulgaria. This group of hikers was trekking through Yundola, Bulgaria and snapped this picture of what they claim is a extraterrestrial. In fact, they go as far as saying it's the most known ET "The Greys". Which would be these guys, for those that don't know. As far as who the group is, or if the picture is a hoax which is totally possible, is unknown at this time. Here is a map of where the alleged sighting took place. Zoomed in pic Looks ...

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Perhaps they see our planet as unique and do not want us to destroy it. Maybe that's why so many different races are here at this time. The earth is a evolutionary marvel and might be used ...
by peter biondo - 2 days ago
Yes i can give it to u tommorow my wife knows it
by paul - 3 days ago
is true that we have aliens comeing from space from a differnt plant too .earth
by Guest - 3 days ago
is true that we have allens comeing too are earth from a deffert plant
by Guest - 3 days ago
Hello, I omitted to tell you all that happened to see if anyone was interested and I'm glad you are. When I first saw it, it was moving real slow so I calculated the route it was taking and ...
by allan g hodgson - 6 days ago
Hello Allan, Just hit 'reply' and go from there. Nice to have you here, and I am very interested in your story.
by Phinikas - 1 week ago
Hi Phinikas.Well, they reveal themselves not to a mass audience but more to individuals. And involved: not landing in the middle of a city and getting out to interact with passers-by. Also ...
by william - 1 week ago
just write it all down here baby: get it out and see. You share - we care.
by william - 1 week ago
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