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Since Disclosure is a one-way E ticket, are you sure of your position ? - Part III by Phinikas
When it comes to Freedom, we seem to be locked in a maze. You have been conditioned to believe that Freedom is a bad thing. This is intentional, and it has to do with so-called Disclosure. When it comes to Disclosure, It's likely you will hear ...
The Virus Which Has No Name, Part III - "The Virus" and ET by Phinikas
(Before continuing, please allow me to explain a little bit about my experiences regarding conversing with a being from another reality. Talking with negative ET is not like talking with a human on Earth. It is similar, yet it is completely ...

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Did aliens from another planet shoot down one of The USA (nasa) space shuttle ?
by Guest - 2 days ago
I have experienced them a lot lately, It all started February 14, 2015 in Orange B e'er schedule, Alabama. Then last Friday it flew in front of me, while I was on my motorcycle, but not ...
by Guest - 2 days ago
How many times has the United States landed on the Moon? What was discovered and why hasn't it been shared with the public?
by ziptom - 3 days ago
Aliens from another planet would not follow the same evolutionary path. To quote Neil Degrass Tyson, "if it has two eyes, one nose and a mouth with ears on the side, it came from Earth." ...
by Mynameisnobody - 5 days ago
Did anyone see strange lights in the sky last night 4/23/15 around 10:30? It had a really bright light like a spot light out front and 3 lights under in the shape of a triangle.
by Guest - 6 days ago
Is there any truth that are mmilitary from the other NASA have developed bases on the moon, mars & on several other moons throughout our solar system?
by Michael D. Foley - 1 week ago
first of all. our elustrious military has been in contact with over twelve alien races since the seventies. Some of the these advanced races, have shown an interest in helping our planet ...
by Michael D. Foley - 1 week ago
purportally back in the early fifties by then president eisenhower, could have before the roswell incident. there is a lot of speculation that our military have been working with the three ...
by Michael D. Foley - 1 week ago
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