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The Virus Which Has No Name, Part III - "The Virus" and ET by Phinikas
(Before continuing, please allow me to explain a little bit about my experiences regarding conversing with a being from another reality. Talking with negative ET is not like talking with a human on Earth. It is similar, yet it is completely different. It is intense; it is brutal. It is mind-altering. This may be due to the fact that speaking with one is tantamount to speaking with their ...

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uhmmm because of the lights ofcourse i could tell how long it was. i dont know how big the lights is. maybe you can contact them and ask them what diameter is the lights they are useing and ...
by Gino - 1 day ago
At first I almost stopped reading. Once I finished the entire story I realized how brave you are to have shared your expeirences with the rest of the world. Not all of us are so brave. It ...
by Guest - 3 days ago
Hello, Want to remember more, Well, that's a bit of a puzzle there, isn't it? It hurts to think about it, yet you want to remember it. I think I know what you mean though. I am ...
by Phinikas - 3 days ago
Ok, I'll be patient, but I'm very curious!
by Vale - 5 days ago
When I saw the small ufo, and it stopped in front of me for upto a minute, scanning and analysing, I felt I let humanity down, because if it analysed how we work, it could calculate how to ...
by allan g hodgson - 1 week ago
I would agree with you but maybe in a different form, maybe its not the mind that has to think alike but instead the energy or vibrations that we admit will then become in sync with each ...
by otix - 1 week ago
You are most gracious, and you are most welcome, Vale!
by Phinikas - 1 week ago
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